Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will I make $50 this month on ehow?

Hi ehow events followers! I wanted to write this post to tell you how I am doing with my ehow earnings for this month. February 2010. It is a short month and I don't think I will reach my $50 a month at ehow. I will provide a screen shot of my earnings so far below. It is February 25th, 2010 and I have made $37.55 so far. Yeepee that is surely better than nothing. How are your earnings? Putting all of the buggy problems aside, I have got to be thank-ful for ehow. I haven't found a better paying writing website yet. I have calmed down a bit since my last post about the uk compensation. So I am back to the positive and motivated Tammy. I hope everyone can forgive and/or forget about the uk compensation issue and continue to earn at ehow. Have you continued writing articles and do you forgive ehow for their problems?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ehow UK Compensation.....what a joke?

Today I received the ehow compensation for the UK website displaying my articles. You can see in my previous post, I earned $52.20 for the month of January 2010. My payment that I received today Feb.11, 2010 was $54.47.  Therefore, I received $2.27 for my UK compensation. For those who are already lost by this statement, Ehow posted ehow member articles on the new UK ehow website and then today compensated us for not earning for 6 months. While our articles were producing earnings and traffic to their newly built website, we were not getting paid for 6 months. And now they decided to re-imburse us for our lost earnings.

What a joke? $2.27 payment makes it really hard for me to believe that this is all that I lost in earnings. I am not a happy ehow writer right now. On top of the small reimbursement that I received, my daily earnings today was cut down around $2 of what it usually is. I usually earn around $2 to $3 a day with my ehow articles.

What un-motivates me lately for continueing to write for ehow is not only the UK earnings but also the bugs that ehow has. The comments on my ehow member account hasn't been working for days and I still have articles that are un-published. There are articles that I have written that need attention and published. I look forward to reading my comments everyday and I haven't been able to do so in a long time.

Please understand that I do like writing at ehow and I really enjoy having all of my ehow friends. I just can't help noticing the negatives compared to the positives. I will keep everyone updated on how I do and my next post will contain another interesting screen shot of my earnings at ehow. If you have something to vent about concerning ehow, please leave your comments below. I will appreciate any feedback on what is happening with your ehow experiences.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jan. and Feb. 2010 Ehow Earnings so far!

What is happening with ehow? I can't help myself to constantly check my ehow stats every day. As some people may hate ehow, and others just love ehow no matter what, I am mutual. I have my moments where I am so upset with ehow but I still check my stats everyday. Usually at 10:00a.m. everyday, my earnings update and I am so thrilled. Seeing my earnings increase a couple dollars a day makes me wonder if it matters if I continue to write articles or just leave the ones that I have to earn the money by them selves?

My ehow comments tab is still not showing up and I have two articles that are still not published and I wrote them about a week ago. Yikes, how patient can somebody be? I want my articles published and contacting support at ehow is no longer working. Ehow says they are fixing the problems but how do we know for sure?  Oh and another thing that has me curious is the UK website compensation that we all are waiting patiently for. Why can't we get more details on this?

I finally made my first $50 a month at ehow, YeePee. I had pushed myself to write 100 articles and in January of this year, 2010, I made $52.20.  I am including a screen shot below of proof of earnings for January and so far in February, I have made $11.88 with 111 articles. I seem to be earning on average $2 a day from my earnings. Does it look like I am on track with everyone else? Please feel free to state your comments, postitive or negative in the comments below. Also, if you enclose your article links url or your ehow blog address, I will certainly take some time to read your articles.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ehow earnings for 2009

What is ehow? Ehow is a "how to" writing website where you can earn money from your written articles. Within the year 2009 I was an ehow member for five total months. Within those five months, I managed to earn a total of $95.98.  (I will provide a screen shot image of my earnings below.) I know that doesn't sound like much money for someone who is looking for ways to make money online but it was extra money that I really needed to help take care of my bills.

If a ehow member dedicates their free time to writing articles on ehow, in a couple years they can be earning up to $1,200 or more a month just writing articles on things that people are searching for. I have seen proof of these earnings and I am looking forward to the day that I see the 4 digits in my monthly earning column. I will continue to write articles and earn from ehow. If you decide to write at ehow, become a follower of this blog for future earning tips. There are secrets to earning more money at ehow. See my ehow earning progress for 2009 below. click the photo to make it easier to view. Please keep in mind that every month, I slowly increased the amount of articles that I wrote. I didn't get to 100 articles until January 2010.  In my next  post, I will give you updates on how I am doing on January and Febuary's ehow earnings.

As you can see, my ehow earnings were very low in my first couple of months. This is because I didn't yet know how to write a good keyword based article, I have now realized the earning techniques that many of you will also figure out soon. Please take some time to read the keyword article above that I have linked for your convenience. As of today, February 4th, 2010, I have 110 articles published. I should have 4 more published very soon but because of the ehow publishing problems right now, I am patiently waiting for them to be active. If you also write at ehow and you have many articles that are in the "unavailable" status, you can read my article on how to deal with publishing problems at ehow.  It may help you stay patient while you are waiting for them to become active.

At ehow, the Uk website issue has many ehow writers waiting patiently for their owed compensation.....Does anyone know for sure how much we will be paid and when?
I would try to find these answers out myself but I have had bad experience in the ehow forums lately.  Hearing all the name calling and negative posts, make me furious. So many people are upset because of what ehow did and I have tried to avoid the drama as much as possible. This is just my opinion about ehow right now, try to avoid getting wrapped up in all the forum chaos. One very successful ehow member stated that "many ehow members should spend their time writing articles instead of posting negative forum posts." It is easy to get wrapped up in all the ehow drama, but it is just a waiste of time right now. Just Stay Away!
Please feel free to leave your comments and concerns in the comment box below.