Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ehow earnings for March! Did you make your ehow earnings goal?

Hi Everyone, I am so excited! I reached my goal for March 2010. I made $50.15. I am going to include a screenshot of the earnings below. It also shows that I now have 126 articles published at ehow and I actually was updated today that I have 128 articles published. I am still unable to submit some of my articles that I have completed but it is just a matter of time before ehow fixes the publishing problems. How are you guys dealing with the publishing glitches?

I am hooked on stumbleupon, I have been adding my favorites to stumbleupon and creating backlinks to my articles. How many of you ehow members use stumbleupon? I think creating backlinks to my websites and articles is what helped me reach my ehow earnings goal for this month.
Please check out my favorite stumbles here and if you subscribe to me and thumbs up an article, I will return the favor.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to save ehow articles? Pay it forward link exchange.

How to save ehow articles? Jade's article should remind all of us the importance of saving our ehow articles. Ehow has certain article sweeps that deletes many ehow articles that are published. I have to admit that I am guilty of not saving my ehow articles. Sometimes I think, oh well if it gets deleted I can just re-write it somewhere else. That is not the way to think though because it would be pretty difficult to remember all of the steps, keywords and content that you had included in that deleted ehow article if it isn't saved somewhere. So don't be like me, save your articles and follow Jade's advice.

As of today, I need $5.01 to meet my $50/month goal at ehow. From the looks of my ehow earnings I should be able to meet my goal. I know $50 a month only pays for maybe one small monthly bill but we all need to remember that we need to set goals for ourselves when we write articles online. Also, stay patient with the annoying ehow publishing problems. Sometime it will fixed and we can all continue to submit and publish more articles.

What is your monthly online earnings goal?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Free backlinks to your Ehow Articles!

"Pay it forward and get free backlinks" is an ehow forum thread that Jade Dragon just started. She is pretty smart when it comes to increasing views and earnings at ehow. Thanks Jade Dragon! She has came up with a plan to get free backlinks to ehow members articles. It is working because another ehow member just created a free backlink to my "stumble upon" article.

I am now returning the favor to my soon to be new ehow friend Joyce Mann. She is a wonderful ehow writer and has written a very helpful article on "How to get the most out of your good credit score". Although my credit score is far from being good, I have found that Joyce's article has all of the recommended steps, photos and contents of a great ehow article. If you guys/gals want to see what a wonderful ehow article consists of, I encourage you to read her article on how to get the most out of your good credit score.

I also encourage all ehow members to follow the ehow thread that Jade Dragon has started so that you can also get free back links to your ehow articles. Login into ehow and visit the forum, it will be in the ehow chatter section called "pay it forward and get free backlinks". I have also provided you a link to the ehow forum thread at the beginning of this blog post. Oh yeah, before I forget....As of today March 25, 2010 the publishing tool at ehow is still having problems. This is a great time to work on your backlinks and sharing of your articles.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is happening at ehow? Bug Fixes!

Hi all Ehow members! Diane, the community ehow manager finally made a post in the ehow forum updating us on all the bug fixes. You can view her response on this ehow forum thread. I have noticed that the "unavailable" status is getting better for my articles. I still have two ehow articles that are stuck in lala land somewhere on ehow, but they seem to be slowly fixing the ehow publishing problems. 

Many high paying ehow members have stated the importance of backlinks to your ehow articles many times. I have to admit, I have ignored the sharing button in the past. I have recently been stumbling my ehow articles after they are getting published. This is helping with my earnings at ehow. For those who don't know what "stumbling" means, it means to share your ehow articles with the Stumbleupon website. It is surprising how many views that you might get when you share them. Backlinking helps increase your ehow article views and will eventuallly help with your ehow earnings. You can view my stumble upon page here to see what favorite links that I have stumbled.

If you need to know how to get more subscribers to your stumbleupon account, read my ehow article here.  Until my next post, may all of us complete our ehow earnings goals.  Please let me know if you stumble any of my articles and I will surely read, stumble and share yours also.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyone else having major publishing problems at ehow?

Hi everyone! Something strange has happened with ehow. It is all over the forums. When some articles are being saved and not finished, they go directly to "unavailable" status. How are we sopose to edit, complete and submit articles that way?

I guess we have to give step by step details on what buttons we pushed when saving the article, we need to provide the article title, date and time to Dianne (ehow manager). I know how frustrating this may be for a lot of us and I agree with those who state that ehow is getting more buggier everyday. If it isn't one problem it is another problem.

Earning updates at ehow seem to be off schedule as well and it is better to take a break from ehow and give them time to fix the publishing problems. Try to save your self frustration and time by waiting 2-5 days to try to publish your ehow articles again. I wonder if ehow understands that they are also losing money when they have publishing issues?

How many of you ehow members have earning goals? Are you reaching your goals? So far for me, I am earning from my 124 articles but not very much. I had a minimal earning goal of $50 a month at ehow and I don't know for sure if I will reach it this month or not. I am inserting a screenshot below of my ehow earnings for March so far. I have made $23.56 as of the update for March 18, 2010. Feel free to leave your comments and ehow earnings below.

Monday, March 8, 2010

6 articles still "unavailable" on ehow! What is happening with ehow?

As of today March 08, 2010, I have 6 articles that are still in the "unavailable" status on ehow. I try to stay positive, patient and continue to write my helpful articles on ehow and it is like they are testing to see how far I can be pushed before exploding. What is happening with ehow?

Not only are my articles taking forever to publish, but my earnings went down last month and I never reached my $50/month goal. Yes, I understand that February was a short month, but if ehow would of published my articles that have been unavailable for so long, I would of earned from my pending articles and made up for the short month.

On top of it all, my comments tab is still not working correctly. I have to enter "on" after "comments" via the comments url to view my comments page. If any of you are wondering why your ehow avatar is blurry, don't be alarmed because so is mine. I know a lot of ehow members make very good money writing for ehow. I have seen proof of it. Such as CM Herold's ehow earnings showed here

Many of you may also know of WriterGig (Maria) who makes over $1,000 a month writing for ehow. Those who have showed me proof of their ehow earnings are the people who keep me motivated to write more "How to" articles on ehow. I want to tell all of you ehow bloggers Thank-you very much for sharing your success. Maybe someday I will be proud of my ehow adventure too and make good money with my ehow articles. What am I doing wrong?

Please feel free to post your comments, tips, and concerns via the comment box below. My next post will show a screenshot update of my earnings. As for now, I am not sure how I will do on earning at ehow for March.