Sunday, March 11, 2012


This guest post from Hong Alexander
My sister told me about this great Tumblr blog that she likes. She said that she has recently gotten into “stretching” in the morning. She said that it really makes a difference in building lean muscle and how she feels in the mornings and through out the day. I decided that I would check it out and try it out one morning. I visited the site using my laptop and my internet providers new port richey connection. I put my yoga mat on the floor and started to do the stretch routine that was outlined. I even added the “optional” stretches. I was actually shocked at how good it felt to stretch out. The rest of the day I felt great. It could have been just me thinking that I felt great, but I think that stretching is good for your health. I think that I am going to do it every morning! It reminds me of the people in China town doing Tai-Chi in the morning. It is really kind of the same concept. Get your body right so that your mind will function well the rest of the day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What is new?

Hi Blog Followers,
I just wanted to write an updated post on what is happening with me and my websites. As for "what is happening at Ehow?" I am not sure because I haven't been writing articles on ehow for a long time now. I have made my own writing website and there are around 55 registered users and many top writers so far. Some of you may have already visited Write Online If not, feel free to register and submit your articles and gain back links to your other articles.
At my new writing website, I reward my writers with paypal cash bonuses and I place their google ads on their article pages that they submit so that they can make money writing online. 
For those of you who know about my Help website, I have successfully completed the hosting transfer and have been busy doing some re-designing. Feel free to ask for any help on your website as well. While I am updating you, I might as well tell you that my shopping website is not going to last very much longer. I did transfer it to Office 365 but don't want to start paying for hosting there so I am going to let my shopping website go for now. I have a new website called business website webmaster to help my website development business succeed. I am now working full time online as a website developer so I felt this new website would be helpful for my business. Well I hope all of you are doing well with your adventures online. I hope to hear from all my blog visitors soon. Feel free to comment below.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bittersweet Baby

Contributed by Milford Woods
We are expecting our last little bundle of joy in a few months. It is hard to believe that as of this summer, we will have 4 kids. My husband and I decided 4 was a good number to stop at so this will be it for us. Bittersweet. With all the fees that come along with a labor and delivery, we decided to start making cuts early in order to try to save a little nest egg for this one. With our third, we weren’t so wise and it seems like it took us forever to finally get the hospital bills paid off. So we looked over our budget to see where we could cut costs. One thing I did was I started using coupons. It only saves us about $10 a week but every little bit helps. I also researched Bounce Energy Information and switched our energy provider. I am buying diapers and formula a little at a time when I have a coupon for them so that will not be an expense we have right after the baby gets here either.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper
My wife is obsessed with Facebook. I simply do not understand why she gets so enraptured in the lives of people she barely knows. I am in education, and I do not have a Facebook page so that I do not have to worry about students trying to connect with me outside of school. It is not that I do not like my students, but I have heard of too many stories about teachers who have had inappropriate relationships with students outside of school. I make sure that I could never even be accused of inappropriate activity. I keep my private and professional lives completely separate. My wife, on the other hand, is always on Facebook. She can spend hours on this website, jumping from page to page and picture to picture. She often ends up on the photos of people with whom we have not spoken in years, and I am constantly making fun of her weird hobby. She always says that she is just curious, but I cannot relate to that level of curiosity. We recently switched internet providers, and I was able to find a CLEAR internet provider in my area. For one week until we had the new internet up and running, my wife was without Facebook. I was not sure she was going to make it.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Caregiving & Nursing Uniforms

Nursing Uniforms
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Hi Followers and Friends. I know it has been a long time since I have posted. Sorry to leave all of you waiting. This blog post is to give you some information on where you can purchase nursing uniforms. Many people call them scrubs.

The reason why I want to share with you where to purchase nursing uniforms is because I am no longer a caregiver. Therefore, I have no use for these clothes. All though they are comfortable, I no longer need to wear them anymore. When I say I am no longer a Caregiver, I mean I no longer work as a caregiver. I am finally working from home as a Website Developer and Freelance worker full time. I will always be a caregiver at heart and I have also created a blog about Care giving but I really enjoy working from home now. Wish me luck!

So if you are in the health field and need to wear scrubs for your job, you can visit They have many uniforms to choose from. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Weekend

This guest post from Mickey Garza
I looked into tv for my place by googling Direct TV Richmond Hill. Best decision ever! This weekend has been amazing. Layla, my english bulldog, and I have been snuggling on the couch all day in front of the tv. She is so sweet. She'll nuzzle her head right against my cheek and sleep. As a bulldog, she snores like nobody's business. It actually doesn't bother me at all. I think it's really sweet. It's probably the best party of the weekend. Currently, we are watching a back to the future marathon on tv, which makes me feel like a kid again (which is always nice). In a little bit, one of my best friends is visiting from out of town. She is going to finally meet my baby, Layla. We are going to open a bottle of wine, order take out, and do a sex and the city marathon! I can watch that show over and over! The fashion is just too good!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Break In At Home

 Break In At Home
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Thanks to Wm Rowe

My husband and I like to continue dating one another, even though we are married. We have found this to be an important key to a happy marriage. He will set up a romantic dinner and a movie date or a play or a fun adventure. It is always exciting to see where we are going. However, for our last date the excitement came at the end. When we returned to our home, the door was kicked inand most of the valuables were gone. I was terrified. I couldn’t sleep the entire night and the following night I kept having nightmares. I finally called Security Choice to schedule an alarm installation. I didn’t know what else to do. I wanted to feel safe in my own home and I especially wanted to be able to get some sleep at night. It has been three weeks, since the break in and I am finally starting to be able to sleep through the night. It is astonishing how such a quick event can have such a large impact on your life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stepping it up as an Entrepreneur?

How many of you are stepping it up as an Entrepreneur? 

There was changes for me when Ehow stopped the writer's compensation program (wcp). Now that I don't have that countable income from my published articles at ehow, I have got to step it up as an entrepreneur. For those who know me well, I have many career positions. I am a website developer, online article writer, freelance worker and a part-time caregiver. Business as a website developer as been slow and writing sometimes doesn't pay all the bills so I recently had to get a part-time job at an assisted living facility as a caregiver. 

I also want to start stepping it up as an entrepreneur so I purchased 500 business cards for my Website Help business. I need to start handing out more business cards because as of now, I have only gave out two. Business Card Printing is important if you are like me and trying to grow your business or online work. How is anyone going to know you exist other than online traffic if you don't advertise? How many of you have already completed your business card printing and advertisement for your writing skills? To me going out and advertising my business seems to be the easy part of my business. However, for some strange reason it is the smaller tasks that stop me from exceeding as an entrepreneur. It took me forever to realize that business card printing was highly needed for my business. I am changing my ways and I am going to be stepping it up as an Entrepreneur. So if you know of anyone who needs website help or freelance work done, please send them my way. 

I also wanted to Thank all of my blog followers for reading and supporting my blog posts and websites. It is also nice to read everyone's blogs and visit other sites too. You are welcome to share your site link with me via the comment area below. Until, next time I hope all of you start stepping it up as entrepreneurs too. Good Luck!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finding a Dentist

Find a Dentist

Hello blog followers, I am writing this post to give you some updated information on finding a dentist. I am one of the many who have had dental problems due to drinking too much soda. I didn’t have any Dental Insurance for many years and my teeth began giving me many painful problems. My teeth started chipping away every time I brushed them. I went to the low-income clinic for people who have no Dental Insurance and they started pulling out teeth instead of fixing them. Since, I didn’t have much choice and wanted the pain to go away,  I had at least five teeth pulled (extracted). If I only had a better dentist, they would have probably done root canals and then crowns to fix my teeth.

I recently found a new dentist and have Dental Insurance. They did a root canal on one of my hurting teeth. I told the Dentist’s assistant that I was scared that my tooth would just fall out after the root canal was done. “That is why you need to come back and get a crown on it” she said. So I set up a new dental appointment and went home for the day. Two nights later, sure enough when I was eating a soft piece of pizza for dinner, half of my tooth fell off. I went back to the dentist as soon as I could and the Dentist was able to make my tooth look perfect. That is why it is important to find a dentist instead of just being in pain or getting your teeth extracted. Getting your teeth fixed makes you feel so much better. All though I have more work to do on my teeth, I feel so much more confident than I did before. I can actually give a semi smile without feeling insecure.  Do you need to find a dentist?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Example of: Good Website Review

Hi Blog Followers. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summers. Many changes for me have occurred lately and just want to write a quick post with some updates. 

I got a new job as a caregiver again but I am still doing online work as a web developer and article writer. I have been writing articles at my new writing website that I mentioned in my last blog post and I wanted to Thank everyone who has signed up and started submitting articles. It is great reading all the different articles that are published in the different categories. 

We have new categories added everyday and I want to welcome any topics to add to my new writing website. So if you have any articles related to household, political, careers, gardening, auto or any carpet cleaning tips that you want to share, please do so at my new writing website. 

If you have any websites that you want to write reviews on, those reviews can also be accepted at Below is an example of a good review from the trusted website,

The Steam Team in Austin Texas

Carpet Cleaning services that have been in business for 25 years. 

Specializes in Carpets, Leather, Upholstery, Rugs, Drapes, Air duct cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Smoke and Fire Restoration, pet odor removal, marble polishing, plus oriental rug cleaning. 

The Steam Team is located in Austin Texas and serves Austin and Dallas Texas area. The telephone number to The Steam Team is: 800-880-7785.
Their main goal is "customer satisfaction". So if those children track the playground mud through your home and you are located in those areas, you know to call The Steam Team. 

Please write reviews that are at least 2 paragraphs and supplies the link to the website you are reviewing.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Writing Website! is a new writing website for all online writers. I have created this new website for all of us old ehow members and friends to go to and continue making money with our online articles. Writers get 100% Revenue Share on their online articles and there are many categories to choose from. If your desired category isn't available when submitting an article, let me know and I can make that category available for you. is a great place to also create backlinks to your other online articles from Hubpages, Bukisa, Triond, Infobarrel ect... The other great thing at this new writing website is that it has a featured member function that will display the most active member's profile and photo which help produce more traffic to your online articles. So remember to be active and connect with other writers and update your profiles so that you have a chance to be a featured member. Does everyone remember how exciting it was to go to ehow and check to see if you were the featured member? Well here we is our new Ehow. Write Online Articles!

I also wanted to take some time to introduce everyone to a new website that supplies scrubs and medical clothing. There are many of you online writers who also hold a part-time job or position in the medical field so I wanted to let you know of Blue Sky You can view their website at: and take a look at all of the different types of scrubs that they supply. They have all different sizes, styles and colors that all medical staff look for in scrub uniforms.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did you claim your ehow earnings on your taxes? January Ehow Earnings!

Wow, did I get some debates on my last blog post about Ehow articles being spam articles. First of all Thank-you blog followers and visitors for commenting on how you feel about that post. I do want all readers to comment even if you don't agree with what I am saying. It is nice to see other opinions and views. 

Ehow Earnings For January!
My Ehow earnings are doing well. I made $137.86 in January 2011. This is great for me considering I had some articles removed. I published an article on how to keep your women satisfied and it was removed by ehow. I don't understand why it was able to be published for so long and then it got removed right before Valentines Day. I feel my last blog post caught unwanted attention and maybe that is why I am getting articles removed and rude comments posted on my ehow articles. Oh well I will try to publish it some where else. 

Anyway, as long as I am earning monthly like this, I may be able to take the vacation to Hawaii like I have always wanted to. I have never been on a vacation to Hawaii and it has always been an attractive area to me. Do you or anyone you know ever been to Hawaii? I would love to know if it would be a good place to live or is vacationing in Hawaii the only way to go? Going on a vacation there would probably be much different than living there. Vacations are usually for fun and that is what they end up like. Living in a different area would be much different for me. Has anyone here ever earned enough money from ehow earnings to take a vacation?

Did you claim your Ehow Earnings on your taxes this year? I made sure that I also had my deductions ready to hand to my tax preparer. My Internet service was my tax write off which helped me tremendously. My ehow earnings last year was around $500 and I wrote off $600 of Internet service. I wanted to share this with you so that you remember to also keep records on your business expenses. As an online article writer, we do have to claim our Ehow earnings every year at tax time. Remember to keep your receipts for anything that relates to your online writing business. All of the expenses can be deducted from your taxes each year. Please feel free to add a comment on something you think should or will be a write off for yearly taxes. Is Computer Ink Cartridges a business expense?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blekko is trying to say Ehow and other Writing sites are Spam. We have to stop this!

Hi ehow and blog friends. I just read an article on how Blekko is spreading the word that ehow and other writing websites are just spam. This is not a good thing for us online writers, editors and content producers. Although I don't want to continue to spread the news or create a back link to such horrible info, I think all of us ehow members and Demand Media Contributors should take a look at what they are trying to say about us writers. We need to put a stop to this or we might be stuck paying for Internet information that is produced only by doctors, lawyers and other authorities. Most of us writers write from experience and have quality articles that need to be shared.

Here is the Link to what they are trying to say about Google, Ehow and other Writing Sites!

I highly disagree with Rich Skrenta. He is the one in the video who is saying that ehow articles are mostly spam. He is the CEO of Blekko (whatever that is lol). I guess Blekko is a competitor to Google. Blekko seems to think that the Internet is covered with spam articles and that they need to do something about it. I think we need to stand up for all of the hard work and dedication that we have put into our published ehow articles. There are writing editors for a reason. If Google thought our articles were spam, they never would of been accepted and ranked on the search engines.


Friday, January 28, 2011

How to survive without Caffeine?

Hi Everyone, I finally published my third article at Demand Studios and wanted to take this time to share it with you. I also wanted to type this blog post to tell you what is happening with my earnings at Ehow. I am Thankful that my ehow earnings are increasing every month and I hope your earnings are going up to. I have earned over $100 this month on ehow. I remember back when my goal was to earn at least $50 a month and now it is passed that. Yeepee!

My third article at DS is called How to survive the day without Caffeine?  Please take some time to read my article and let me know in the comments how your writing is going also at Demand Studios. It has taken me awhile to publish this article but hopefully it will motivate me to write more. I decided on the title by getting a public request on Constant Content. I submitted it to them and it got rejected like all my other ones have. I don't have much luck with Constant Content. Any tips on how to get your articles published on Constant Content, then please let me know. Also, learning how to survive without Caffeine is actually a new years resolution for me along with losing weight. To learn more about my new years resolutions, you can follow my All About Tammy Frost blog. My new blog talks about many things about myself. I will include weight numbers and things that mean a lot to me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Redgage is my new Ehow

Hi Everyone, Do you remember when ehow was allowing us to write there? Well I use to login at least ten times a day to check messages, comments and earnings. Now that ehow isn't accepting new writers, it isn't as fun to login and check the forums, messages and comments. 

I am now spending my time at Redgage. Redgage is one of those addicting websites where you can earn money from your views and receive comments and messages. I find myself always logging into Redgage to answer messages and comments on my content that I upload. 

All though I haven't earned that much yet on Redgage, I still find it always bringing me back to login to see how much money I have earned. I still earn money from my published ehow articles. However, I don't receive as many comments and messages like I use to on ehow and they are now all on Redgage. Are you signed up yet at Redgage? If not you can see my profile page and sign up here.

I won the redgage raffle contest and won $25. I received my redgage debit card in the mail and I was completely hooked every since. On top of the $25.00 I earned with the redgage contest, I earned a couple dollars with my content views. I have also written a popular article on How to win the redgage contest?