Monday, April 26, 2010

What is happening on Ehow- Demand Studios?

It has been a while since my last ehow events blog post. Let me explain why it has been so long. I have been waiting for my ehow account to transfer over to Demand Studios. Finally I received a message stating the ehow transition was complete. For everyone who is wondering what it is like to be at Demand Studios, it is very confusing and frustrating at first.

I just submitted my first article for review on Demand Studios. Everyone cross your fingers that I don't have to re-write it over and over again. I heard that everyone's first articles that get submitted don't get accepted right away. The "How to" writing format is a little confusing on Demand Studios and it will take me awhile to get use to it. I highly doubt I will be publishing how to articles left and right like I did on Ehow. For those who do write several articles on DS, please share your tips and tricks with everyone. It may just be a publishing format that writers need to get use to. How many articles have you published on Demand Studios?

Ehow earnings are dropping dramatically with the new transition. I still have my remaining 123 articles posted on ehow and I have noticed that I will not reach my goal of $50 a month that I had worked so hard for. I have also noticed that my articles are dropping in the search engine listings. Could this be because they are re-writing everyone's articles? I feel like my ehow titles are being snatched away from me. Does anyone else feel or notice the same thing? Did you guys keep your articles published on ehow?

Ehow Events Featured Blog Visitor!
Some of you may have noticed that there isn't a featured visitor this week for my blog. This is only because I haven't been posting for awhile and therefore I haven't had many visitors. This week I will be posting more on this ehow events blog and will be looking for featured blog visitors for next week. For those who don't remember, the featured blog visitor gets there photo and link posted at the top left of this blog for a whole week. The featured visitor will be chosen by the most active and helpful visitor. Please let me know if you have went out of your way to provide a backlink to Also, if you are chosen for the featured visitor, I will post your photo with a link to your ehow articles. If for any reason you no longer have ehow articles, let me know if you would like your blog or website link posted instead.

Comments are helpful to other online writers. I am looking forward to hearing how you are doing with the ehow transition to Demand Studios. You can share your latest articles in the comment boxes and I will enjoy reading them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What is happening at ehow? Will it still be ehow?

For those of you who write for ehow,  you probablly know of the change that is going to take place....YIKES! There are many questions about this change. Bloggers and ehow members don't seem to be very happy about Ehow being moved to Demand Studios! I received a pre-approved email today stating I am already approved for writing at Demand Studios but I have to wait until the transition is complete to know all the details. This may or may not be a good thing for ehow members. What happens to those members who didn't get pre-approved to write for Demand Studios? Just like everyone else, I am still a little shocked about the whole ehow transition to Demand Studios.

I do not know all of the details yet. However, if you are wondering if you should continue to write for ehow right now, I would have to tell you to wait until there is more information on what will happen to our published articles. I also recommend saving all of your ehow articles in case they get lost in the transition. I will try to keep everyone updated on what is happening at ehow.

Congratulations to Katrina! Featured Ehow events blog visitor!

Two posts back, I told my blog followers that I would be running a contest on the most active What is happening at ehow visitor. Throughout the weeks I will will be checking my comments and seeing which follower to my blog has been the most active and helpful at this blog. This week, I have chosen Katrina as last weeks most active blog follower. Thank-you Katrina.
(Please take some time to click on her photo at the top left of this blog and view a helpful article or two.)
The featured blog visitor will have their photo displayed on the top left of this blog, Monday-Sunday. The photo will be linked to their ehow articles, or link of their choice so that other blog visitors can view their helpful articles, blogs or website. In addition to the advertised featured blog visitors photo and link, I will be stumbling some of their ehow articles throughout the week also. Backlinks will help with article views and earnings. Please let me know if you go out of your way to make a backlink or blog post to this blog.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No More Greasy Ehow Mechanic!

Yes! The publishing problems at Ehow are finally getting fixed. After at least a week of dealing with the ehow mechanic showing up after submitting an article, he is gone for now. I was so shocked to see my article on "How to avoid your cell phone from breaking," I started submitting as many articles as possible before the publishing problem came back. I had a total of six articles stuck in editing mode. I wasn't able to submit them at all. Now finally today, my articles at ehow are submitting very fast. One tip that I realized was that if I saved and previewed an article then I wouldn't be able to submit it for a long time. However, if I just submited it, sometimes it would go through. Since I was in such a hurry to get my articles submitted today, I apologize for lack of steps and complete details. I just figured I could edit the ehow articles later after they were finally published. For an example: My article on "How to lose weight and improve your lifestyle?" has more steps and details to it.

Are you rushing around trying to get your ehow articles published too?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ehow Members- Make more money and be a featured visitor.

Hi Ehow members, followers and friends. I needed to make this post for everyone who has blogs. If you are not making money with your blogs, then you are missing out. If you write for ehow, you know how exciting it is to make money online. Here is another way for you to increase your online earnings. Make money with InfoLinks. I am sure everyone has seen the highlighted text that is placed in articles, you can make money by signing up and placing the infolinks code on your blogs or websites. Everytime your visitors clicks on the highlighted text, you make more money. I am placing a screenshot of my earnings for three months from Infolinks. If you write and earn from ehow, you will understand how every little bit adds up and those cents turn to dollars. You can sign up for infolinks here!
You can see proof of earnings by clicking on the image above. I also wanted to take this time to notify my followers of my big mistake. I changed the name of my other blog that many of you may have been following. Since the name change, my followers haven't been getting updated on my new posts. If you know that you were following my shopwithtammy blog, please check to see if you are still following and are able to view posts. If you weren't following my shopwithtammy blog, please be aware that it is really a website help blog and you can also become a follower. 

For all ehow members, I also have came up with a brilliant plan in the future to do Featured Blog Visitor I want to post a featured blog visitor on this blog. Yes all of you ehow members can say that I am copying ehow in a way. I just want to feature blog visitors so that they have extra traffic to their ehow articles. My plan is to feature a What is happening at ehow visitor? Their photo and special link to their ehow articles will be posted every monday and will be featured for a week. I will choose the most active blog visitor for the week and feature them. I feel this is another great way to be featured instead of searching everyday to see if you are the featured member of the day on ehow, (like I do). Please let me know what you think in the comments box below. I look forward to everybody's feedback.