Saturday, April 3, 2010

No More Greasy Ehow Mechanic!

Yes! The publishing problems at Ehow are finally getting fixed. After at least a week of dealing with the ehow mechanic showing up after submitting an article, he is gone for now. I was so shocked to see my article on "How to avoid your cell phone from breaking," I started submitting as many articles as possible before the publishing problem came back. I had a total of six articles stuck in editing mode. I wasn't able to submit them at all. Now finally today, my articles at ehow are submitting very fast. One tip that I realized was that if I saved and previewed an article then I wouldn't be able to submit it for a long time. However, if I just submited it, sometimes it would go through. Since I was in such a hurry to get my articles submitted today, I apologize for lack of steps and complete details. I just figured I could edit the ehow articles later after they were finally published. For an example: My article on "How to lose weight and improve your lifestyle?" has more steps and details to it.

Are you rushing around trying to get your ehow articles published too?

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