Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ehow UK Compensation.....what a joke?

Today I received the ehow compensation for the UK website displaying my articles. You can see in my previous post, I earned $52.20 for the month of January 2010. My payment that I received today Feb.11, 2010 was $54.47.  Therefore, I received $2.27 for my UK compensation. For those who are already lost by this statement, Ehow posted ehow member articles on the new UK ehow website and then today compensated us for not earning for 6 months. While our articles were producing earnings and traffic to their newly built website, we were not getting paid for 6 months. And now they decided to re-imburse us for our lost earnings.

What a joke? $2.27 payment makes it really hard for me to believe that this is all that I lost in earnings. I am not a happy ehow writer right now. On top of the small reimbursement that I received, my daily earnings today was cut down around $2 of what it usually is. I usually earn around $2 to $3 a day with my ehow articles.

What un-motivates me lately for continueing to write for ehow is not only the UK earnings but also the bugs that ehow has. The comments on my ehow member account hasn't been working for days and I still have articles that are un-published. There are articles that I have written that need attention and published. I look forward to reading my comments everyday and I haven't been able to do so in a long time.

Please understand that I do like writing at ehow and I really enjoy having all of my ehow friends. I just can't help noticing the negatives compared to the positives. I will keep everyone updated on how I do and my next post will contain another interesting screen shot of my earnings at ehow. If you have something to vent about concerning ehow, please leave your comments below. I will appreciate any feedback on what is happening with your ehow experiences.


  1. That is crazy and I didn't even know about the UK compensation for articles. I just signed up on Jan 28th on Ehow to write. The only problems I have had were my articles being published a little later than usual. Hope they can work out there bugs they seem to be having lately.

  2. I say ditto to EVERYTHING you said, Tammy... :(

  3. I was happy with my added bonus as I wasn't really expecting much. After all, who knows how much revenue the UK site is taking away from eHow writers? It's truly impossible for us to know since we don't have eHow's algorithm, and advertising revenue across the web is down due to the recession.

    My articles earn excellently on eHow and I don't plan to take them elsewhere -- for residual income, eHow is the very best revenue-sharing content site I've found.

  4. Maria, do you mind telling us how much your bonus was for the UK compensation? We all admire your ability to earn so much at ehow. You motivate us and we appreciate all of your helpful information.

  5. Tammy,
    I am still new enough at ehow to be really disillusioned with all that is going on right now. I thought ehow was going to be a good place to write but now I wonder. Thanks for your articles I appreciate your take on things.

  6. Tammy, it was $140 and I thought that was generous as I did not notice a decline in earnings due to the UK site.

  7. Here are the facts as THE PREACHER see's them. . EHOW is one of the buggyest sites you will ever write on. The publisher wizard they use is constantly breaking down, eating up half you articles steps, or freezing your articles in limbo so you can’t get at them and no one can read them.
    Communication sucks. Day in and day out writers are asking the same questions and getting no answers. And when eHOW does respond, it is usually a warning threatening action against you and your account. No PR skills what so ever.
    But as others have already stated , the UK site, eHOWs secret brain child, has split the community of writers right in half and has everyone going at one anothers necks. Secret, yes, their secret UK site. They secretly mirrored all U.S. writers articles onto both sites, without any of the writers permission to do so. They then made money off those articles, thousands upon thousands of articles, and told no one. When someone stumbled upon their secret site, it all came to a head and the eHOW UK scandal was born.
    EHOW insisted their UK site had caused no one any harm, and for a lenghty time, refused to answer any of the writers questions. Many writers took down their articles, many left the site. Others threatened to leave, and finally ehow agreed to remove all articles of U.S. writers from the UK site. In the meantime, many U.S. writers found their once thriving articles had stopped earning. That’s right, eHOW, by mirroring the usa site over to the UK site, had messed up the url’s, so many writers LOST A LOT of money during this time. Ehow then insisted all U.S. writers articles were no longer on the UK site, and that the profiles would be removed.
    As it turned out, many articles were removed, but many more were not. Not only that, but all newly written articles here in the USA were still being cloned in the UK site. So where are we today? Well, the articles are finally removed, but ehOW still refuses to compensate U.S. writers for all the actual money they lost while their articles stopped earning. EHOW instead came up with what they called a generous compensation, not for money lost from all this, but for what they deemed the value of each writers articles were during the months the entire UK thing unfolded.
    Say what? So many writers generous compensation came to under $10, many more recieved under $!. But how could that possibly be? We are talking about writers who had hundreda of articles and who lost hundreds of dollars? Easy to explain, the valus of the U.S. writers articles were not worth spit during that time, because eHOW killed their article links when they mirrored the two sites together. They continue to refuse to compensate U.S. writers for all that lost income, even though eHOE profitted from those articles. Remember, U.S. writers were paid nothing for their articles while they were on the UK site, but eHOW had ads on those articles and pocketed all the earnings.
    The latest news is that outraged writers are demanding that their UK profiles, placed their from the U.S site without the writers permission, be removed. EHOW has said NO. U.S. writers are also demanding the right to edit those profiles, which contain their personal informat. Again, eHOW today has said NO. And eHOW refuses to take down the comments that were placed on their articles. Say what? Why the hell would a company remove the articles, but leave the profiles and comments? I smell a rat, and so do many others. I would strongly recommend that no one sign up at that site. They will steal your articles, and your earnings, and not give it a second thought. This company operates more like a scam then a business

  8. Hey Tammy,
    Just wanted to point out that the prior comment made by Anonymous was also posted on my ehow blog. Any idea who this is? I could not find THE PREACHER on ehow's member search. I guess if he's posting this rant on multiple blogs he may want to protect his identity from the ehow staff. I have to say I can't blame him/her for expressing his/her opinion as I tend to agree with most of his points. there anything to look forward to at ehow any more? Kind of depressing isn't it?

  9. Hi BestMommy, I am not sure who anonymous is but I will leave his/her opinion comment because I also agree with most of his/her points. Ehow has me frustrated right now and the only reason I am not taking down my articles is because I need the little money they make right now. Hopefully I will have a more positive post for ehow soon. It is depressing and unmotivating to see all the problems there.

  10. I feel really stupid because I totally forgot to post my UK payout on my blog, so I'm glad your post reminded me. I guess I was too busy rocking on during my vacation. Anyway, I made an additional $52.99.

    I have to agree that the bugs can be annoying; however, I just go with flow. When I first starting writing for eHow I was angry when they deleted some of my articles for the first time without any explanations. But after sticking my foot in my mouth ranting on the forum I looked at the articles and they really were kinda horrible. Anyway, overall my experience with eHow has been good even though the bugs can be frustrating at times. Since my earnings really haven't fluctuated since the UK issue, I was happy with my bonus in January. I'm not making the same amount of money anywhere else online.

    I also had the opportunity to meet some of the eHow people a few years ago. They're really pretty cool, especially Rich. It also seems from the time noted on some of their posts that they put in a lot of long days. So while there are positives and negatives at eHow, it sure still beats the heck out of writing for or even working at a lot of other sites and places.

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  13. I have been very disapointed in the quality of eHow articles, finding most of them to be crap. I am amazed you-all get paid for this. It is apparent that most writers follow a generic template and have not really done the things they are trying to describe.