Sunday, March 11, 2012


This guest post from Hong Alexander
My sister told me about this great Tumblr blog that she likes. She said that she has recently gotten into “stretching” in the morning. She said that it really makes a difference in building lean muscle and how she feels in the mornings and through out the day. I decided that I would check it out and try it out one morning. I visited the site using my laptop and my internet providers new port richey connection. I put my yoga mat on the floor and started to do the stretch routine that was outlined. I even added the “optional” stretches. I was actually shocked at how good it felt to stretch out. The rest of the day I felt great. It could have been just me thinking that I felt great, but I think that stretching is good for your health. I think that I am going to do it every morning! It reminds me of the people in China town doing Tai-Chi in the morning. It is really kind of the same concept. Get your body right so that your mind will function well the rest of the day.