Saturday, September 11, 2010

New PayPal Subsitute Website. is a virtual money site and not real money!

Free Virtual Money
As of Feb. 8th 2011 notified us and stated there was confusion. is not a real money website! 
Below is an older post I made....I don't recommend if you want real money. Please research the "virtual money" terms and conditions.
I know all of my blog followers are probablly earning money online in some way or the other. I want to share with you a new website. It is supose to be an alternative to paypal website sometime in the future. However, I received a link from someone telling me to sign up as an early bird and receive a free $50 to my account.

I was a little iffy but it was from a trusted referral so I signed up. Here is the link to get your Free $20 in your account also.

On top of getting a free signup bonus in your account, you will also receive a $10 per referral you make to their new website. They are in the process of launching the website and they need traffic and signups, that is why they are giving away money to the early birds.

I am not sure of all of the details about Paybox but I know that I now have $3,900 in my account. I guess I will have to wait and research if this is truly a legit website. For all of you that have already signed up or thinking about signing up, it was free to get started. It was the quickest $50 I have ever made in my life. So I am not completely sure if this signup bonus is too good to be true.

Have you signed up at Paybox? If you use my referral link to signup, can you please let me know if you also received your Free $50 in your account? You can post your comments below and we can research this free money website together.


  1. i also got a $50, the reason its so easy is because the website just started, they call us 'Early Birds', this website is legit, but it wont matter unless the company gets popular, its like paypal

  2. I am sure it will be popular 1000's and 1000's of people who were early bird testers will want to use the service to withdraw their cash

  3. I joined on 20 Sep 2010 and received $50.00 as a Sign-up bonus. I can surely say this is a great great concept for Early Bird User's in order to Earn Good Income for Real Cause and Purpose.