Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Earnings at Ehow!

Best Month with Ehow Earnings!
To all of my ehowevents blog followers. I haven't posted much on my ehow events blog due to being extremely busy with website help. However, I wanted to take some time and share with everyone that I reached my highest monthly earnings at ehow for the month of August 2010. Yippee and Congrats to me for not taking my ehow articles down after the crazy transition. If you are new to this blog, I will explain a little on the Ehow transition and then I will go back to sharing my earnings at ehow.

Ehow partners with Demand Studios writing site!
Ehow use to allow people to sign up and publish simple "How to" articles and I was one of the ehow members who shared my knowledge there at ehow. I would sign into ehow everyday and look at my income earned at ehow, check ehow messages and make new ehow friends. I was completely addicted to ehow website along with thousands of other ehow members. I was publishing articles at ehow every chance I got. Even while cooking and preparing foods at home, I thought about what could make a great ehow article to write about.

Then to many ehow members surprise, Ehow partnered with Demand Studios. Which meant we could no longer publish and submit articles through the ehow website. We soon had to learn a much harder and complex process of publishing articles through the Demand Studios website. I am sure the transition cut off all those non-useful ehow articles but they also lost many experienced writers who had a lot of helpful information to share. (Including Myself). I have tried a few different times to submit well written content to demand studios, only to get rejected and asked for re-writes. Why do they need to be so strict on their guidelines? I am now glad I didn't take down my already published articles at ehow. I earn monthly on the articles that are still on ehow website.

My ehow earnings for August 2010!

I am proud to announce that I earned over the $50 a month mark on ehow. This goes to show many online writers that the older the post, article, or page, the better the earnings and popularity of article. Search engines love to see text that has been published online for a long time. Aged text and web pages show authority to the search engines. Also, the older the article, the more back links the article probably receives. This is good news because I will hopefully earn more and more each month.

How much are you earning now at Ehow?


  1. Hi Tammy Zahzel Here!
    I am in same boat as you ~ re ehow. Last month I made about $121. This month is going pretty good, too. Ehow is time consuming for the little money = passive income tho. I have redone my Insurance site The other site we spoke about is still not up. I have been doing some work with Internet Business Mastery. Step by step. Take Care. Happy Holidays!