Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did you claim your ehow earnings on your taxes? January Ehow Earnings!

Wow, did I get some debates on my last blog post about Ehow articles being spam articles. First of all Thank-you blog followers and visitors for commenting on how you feel about that post. I do want all readers to comment even if you don't agree with what I am saying. It is nice to see other opinions and views. 

Ehow Earnings For January!
My Ehow earnings are doing well. I made $137.86 in January 2011. This is great for me considering I had some articles removed. I published an article on how to keep your women satisfied and it was removed by ehow. I don't understand why it was able to be published for so long and then it got removed right before Valentines Day. I feel my last blog post caught unwanted attention and maybe that is why I am getting articles removed and rude comments posted on my ehow articles. Oh well I will try to publish it some where else. 

Anyway, as long as I am earning monthly like this, I may be able to take the vacation to Hawaii like I have always wanted to. I have never been on a vacation to Hawaii and it has always been an attractive area to me. Do you or anyone you know ever been to Hawaii? I would love to know if it would be a good place to live or is vacationing in Hawaii the only way to go? Going on a vacation there would probably be much different than living there. Vacations are usually for fun and that is what they end up like. Living in a different area would be much different for me. Has anyone here ever earned enough money from ehow earnings to take a vacation?

Did you claim your Ehow Earnings on your taxes this year? I made sure that I also had my deductions ready to hand to my tax preparer. My Internet service was my tax write off which helped me tremendously. My ehow earnings last year was around $500 and I wrote off $600 of Internet service. I wanted to share this with you so that you remember to also keep records on your business expenses. As an online article writer, we do have to claim our Ehow earnings every year at tax time. Remember to keep your receipts for anything that relates to your online writing business. All of the expenses can be deducted from your taxes each year. Please feel free to add a comment on something you think should or will be a write off for yearly taxes. Is Computer Ink Cartridges a business expense?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blekko is trying to say Ehow and other Writing sites are Spam. We have to stop this!

Hi ehow and blog friends. I just read an article on how Blekko is spreading the word that ehow and other writing websites are just spam. This is not a good thing for us online writers, editors and content producers. Although I don't want to continue to spread the news or create a back link to such horrible info, I think all of us ehow members and Demand Media Contributors should take a look at what they are trying to say about us writers. We need to put a stop to this or we might be stuck paying for Internet information that is produced only by doctors, lawyers and other authorities. Most of us writers write from experience and have quality articles that need to be shared.

Here is the Link to what they are trying to say about Google, Ehow and other Writing Sites!

I highly disagree with Rich Skrenta. He is the one in the video who is saying that ehow articles are mostly spam. He is the CEO of Blekko (whatever that is lol). I guess Blekko is a competitor to Google. Blekko seems to think that the Internet is covered with spam articles and that they need to do something about it. I think we need to stand up for all of the hard work and dedication that we have put into our published ehow articles. There are writing editors for a reason. If Google thought our articles were spam, they never would of been accepted and ranked on the search engines.