Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bittersweet Baby

Contributed by Milford Woods
We are expecting our last little bundle of joy in a few months. It is hard to believe that as of this summer, we will have 4 kids. My husband and I decided 4 was a good number to stop at so this will be it for us. Bittersweet. With all the fees that come along with a labor and delivery, we decided to start making cuts early in order to try to save a little nest egg for this one. With our third, we weren’t so wise and it seems like it took us forever to finally get the hospital bills paid off. So we looked over our budget to see where we could cut costs. One thing I did was I started using coupons. It only saves us about $10 a week but every little bit helps. I also researched Bounce Energy Information and switched our energy provider. I am buying diapers and formula a little at a time when I have a coupon for them so that will not be an expense we have right after the baby gets here either.