Thursday, September 8, 2011

Example of: Good Website Review

Hi Blog Followers. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summers. Many changes for me have occurred lately and just want to write a quick post with some updates. 

I got a new job as a caregiver again but I am still doing online work as a web developer and article writer. I have been writing articles at my new writing website that I mentioned in my last blog post and I wanted to Thank everyone who has signed up and started submitting articles. It is great reading all the different articles that are published in the different categories. 

We have new categories added everyday and I want to welcome any topics to add to my new writing website. So if you have any articles related to household, political, careers, gardening, auto or any carpet cleaning tips that you want to share, please do so at my new writing website. 

If you have any websites that you want to write reviews on, those reviews can also be accepted at Below is an example of a good review from the trusted website,

The Steam Team in Austin Texas

Carpet Cleaning services that have been in business for 25 years. 

Specializes in Carpets, Leather, Upholstery, Rugs, Drapes, Air duct cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Smoke and Fire Restoration, pet odor removal, marble polishing, plus oriental rug cleaning. 

The Steam Team is located in Austin Texas and serves Austin and Dallas Texas area. The telephone number to The Steam Team is: 800-880-7785.
Their main goal is "customer satisfaction". So if those children track the playground mud through your home and you are located in those areas, you know to call The Steam Team. 

Please write reviews that are at least 2 paragraphs and supplies the link to the website you are reviewing.


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