Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stepping it up as an Entrepreneur?

How many of you are stepping it up as an Entrepreneur? 

There was changes for me when Ehow stopped the writer's compensation program (wcp). Now that I don't have that countable income from my published articles at ehow, I have got to step it up as an entrepreneur. For those who know me well, I have many career positions. I am a website developer, online article writer, freelance worker and a part-time caregiver. Business as a website developer as been slow and writing sometimes doesn't pay all the bills so I recently had to get a part-time job at an assisted living facility as a caregiver. 

I also want to start stepping it up as an entrepreneur so I purchased 500 business cards for my Website Help business. I need to start handing out more business cards because as of now, I have only gave out two. Business Card Printing is important if you are like me and trying to grow your business or online work. How is anyone going to know you exist other than online traffic if you don't advertise? How many of you have already completed your business card printing and advertisement for your writing skills? To me going out and advertising my business seems to be the easy part of my business. However, for some strange reason it is the smaller tasks that stop me from exceeding as an entrepreneur. It took me forever to realize that business card printing was highly needed for my business. I am changing my ways and I am going to be stepping it up as an Entrepreneur. So if you know of anyone who needs website help or freelance work done, please send them my way. 

I also wanted to Thank all of my blog followers for reading and supporting my blog posts and websites. It is also nice to read everyone's blogs and visit other sites too. You are welcome to share your site link with me via the comment area below. Until, next time I hope all of you start stepping it up as entrepreneurs too. Good Luck!

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