Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finding a Dentist

Find a Dentist

Hello blog followers, I am writing this post to give you some updated information on finding a dentist. I am one of the many who have had dental problems due to drinking too much soda. I didn’t have any Dental Insurance for many years and my teeth began giving me many painful problems. My teeth started chipping away every time I brushed them. I went to the low-income clinic for people who have no Dental Insurance and they started pulling out teeth instead of fixing them. Since, I didn’t have much choice and wanted the pain to go away,  I had at least five teeth pulled (extracted). If I only had a better dentist, they would have probably done root canals and then crowns to fix my teeth.

I recently found a new dentist and have Dental Insurance. They did a root canal on one of my hurting teeth. I told the Dentist’s assistant that I was scared that my tooth would just fall out after the root canal was done. “That is why you need to come back and get a crown on it” she said. So I set up a new dental appointment and went home for the day. Two nights later, sure enough when I was eating a soft piece of pizza for dinner, half of my tooth fell off. I went back to the dentist as soon as I could and the Dentist was able to make my tooth look perfect. That is why it is important to find a dentist instead of just being in pain or getting your teeth extracted. Getting your teeth fixed makes you feel so much better. All though I have more work to do on my teeth, I feel so much more confident than I did before. I can actually give a semi smile without feeling insecure.  Do you need to find a dentist?

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