Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow, I actually think I have a chance at Demand Studios.

Happy New Year Ehow Events followers! I tried Demand Studios out again and to my surprise, I actually was able to get my third article approved. I did decide to choose the revenue share option at Demand Studios this time. For those who don't remember, you are unable to submit articles to ehow but are able to submit them on Demand Studios and most of the How to articles still get published on ehow. Instead of you being a ehow member, you will be a Ehow Contributor.

My goal is to actually continue to write for Demand Studios. With the earnings I have been making with my past ehow published articles, I think it is worth it to try to publish the same amount of articles through DS.

Through my process of getting my how to article approved with DS, I realized it is a lot easier to follow the strict editorial guidelines when you are writing an article that really interests you. Instead of writing a complex and difficult article, try to pick a fun and interesting topic. It is much easier. For example, my article on how to delete history of websites got rejected through Demand Studios because of the many steps and details that needed researched. Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to research the article completely for all Internet browsers. Therefore, I didn't submit another re-write and just published it on Infobarrel instead of DS. On the other hand, my article on How to Make Candles Burn Longer, was much easier for me to write and re-write it once for editorial approval. I was surprised by the small amount of corrections needed for the re-write. 

The great news is that now that I have submitted three articles on Demand Studios, I am now eligible to submit ten articles at DS. Do you write on Demand Studios? How is your writing journey going there? Do you like it the same as Ehow?

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  1. I read your articles, Tammy. I am going to try freezing candles. I like to burn scented candles and they don't seem to last as long as they use to. I am doing better on my caffeine intake. I use to drink 2 pots of coffee a day and now I drink 2 large cups a day. Your advice in your article is right on the money.