Thursday, December 16, 2010

Halloween Costumes

What is happening with my Ehow Events blog followers?

Did everyone have a wonderful Halloween and Thanksgiving? 

I had a great Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am writing this post to share with you an article that I wrote on Firehow. It is called How to make a zombie bride costume? My daughter wanted to be a Dead bride for Halloween and I made a great costume for her. It was a lot of fun and can't wait for next year's costumes. In this post I will also share with you a couple other Halloween costumes that may interest you for next year.

I have only written one article on Firehow so far as of today and hope to write more in the future. Firehow is a lot like Ehow and since ehow no longer is accepting article submissions, Firehow seems to be a great alternative writing website. 

Another great Halloween costume is: Casper the friendly ghost costume! Imagine your toddler dressed up for Halloween as Casper the friendly ghost. That would be very cute. Mothers can dress up wearing a womens ninja mask or costume to make it a bit funnier. How many of you adults dress up for Halloween too? 

Holidays are fun and exciting. I like to decorate the house and participate in Holidays as much as possible. It adds some excitement to the busy life that many of us have. My best decorations that I like to have are the neon party supplies. I like to see them light up on Halloween and I try to have my daughter where a neon lighted bracelet when we go out trick or treating.

Do you have any exciting Halloween costumes that you have made or like to share? Feel free to comment and share your links in the comments below. I hope everyone of my blog followers are finding great ways to make money writing online. Until next time, Happy Holidays!


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