Thursday, December 16, 2010

Halloween Costumes

What is happening with my Ehow Events blog followers?

Did everyone have a wonderful Halloween and Thanksgiving? 

I had a great Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am writing this post to share with you an article that I wrote on Firehow. It is called How to make a zombie bride costume? My daughter wanted to be a Dead bride for Halloween and I made a great costume for her. It was a lot of fun and can't wait for next year's costumes. In this post I will also share with you a couple other Halloween costumes that may interest you for next year.

I have only written one article on Firehow so far as of today and hope to write more in the future. Firehow is a lot like Ehow and since ehow no longer is accepting article submissions, Firehow seems to be a great alternative writing website. 

Another great Halloween costume is: Casper the friendly ghost costume! Imagine your toddler dressed up for Halloween as Casper the friendly ghost. That would be very cute. Mothers can dress up wearing a womens ninja mask or costume to make it a bit funnier. How many of you adults dress up for Halloween too? 

Holidays are fun and exciting. I like to decorate the house and participate in Holidays as much as possible. It adds some excitement to the busy life that many of us have. My best decorations that I like to have are the neon party supplies. I like to see them light up on Halloween and I try to have my daughter where a neon lighted bracelet when we go out trick or treating.

Do you have any exciting Halloween costumes that you have made or like to share? Feel free to comment and share your links in the comments below. I hope everyone of my blog followers are finding great ways to make money writing online. Until next time, Happy Holidays!


TammyF's Profile | RedGage

TammyF's Profile RedGage

Take a look at the link above to see how to make money at Redgage.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Discover the secrets of a social network that PAYS YOU! -

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Discover the secrets of a social network that PAYS YOU! -

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

November Ehow Earnings- Highest earnings at Ehow!

What is happening at ehow?
How is everyone doing at ehow? Are you still earning money at ehow?
I have continued to make money with my already published ehow articles. My writing income increases every month and I am glad I decided to write for ehow. All though they no longer accept writers, my ehow articles continue to earn there. I have also been completing Hubs on, Helium, Triond and my favorite new writing website ListMyFive.

November Ehow earnings! The November month isn't yet over and I am happy to announce that this has been my highest earning month so far. I have earned over $70 and I am very happy with my ehow earnings. If you take a look at the earnings proof below, you can see the gradual increase in earnings every month.

Along with my ehow earnings this month, I also earned $25 at Helium. To my surprise I also earned $92 with Google Adsense earnings from my website help site and my Shopping site.
As an affiliate at Freelancer, I also earned an additional $37.00 for referrals. So if you want to become a freelance writer or freelance worker. Signup at Freelancer! It is easy to get a freelance job there and also free to become an affiliate where you can earn by referring others there.
There has been so much more going for my adventure of earning money online and I will try to keep everyone up to date with earnings and tips as much as possible. I have been so busy earning money online, sometimes I forget everyone here at What is happening at ehow blog is waiting for blog posts. So stay patient and I will try to keep posting on my blogs.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Make Money Writing for Triond | Writinghood

I have been trying out new writing websites. I recently decided to give Triond a try. I have been signed up to write for Triond for a long time and just now producing articles. Take a look at the article below that I wrote on Triond.

Make Money Writing for Triond | Writinghood

My ehow articles are producing more and more income monthly. In the month of October, I earned around $60.00. Yes I am staying above my writing goal of earning $50 a month at Ehow! What is happening with your ehow earnings?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New PayPal Subsitute Website. is a virtual money site and not real money!

Free Virtual Money
As of Feb. 8th 2011 notified us and stated there was confusion. is not a real money website! 
Below is an older post I made....I don't recommend if you want real money. Please research the "virtual money" terms and conditions.
I know all of my blog followers are probablly earning money online in some way or the other. I want to share with you a new website. It is supose to be an alternative to paypal website sometime in the future. However, I received a link from someone telling me to sign up as an early bird and receive a free $50 to my account.

I was a little iffy but it was from a trusted referral so I signed up. Here is the link to get your Free $20 in your account also.

On top of getting a free signup bonus in your account, you will also receive a $10 per referral you make to their new website. They are in the process of launching the website and they need traffic and signups, that is why they are giving away money to the early birds.

I am not sure of all of the details about Paybox but I know that I now have $3,900 in my account. I guess I will have to wait and research if this is truly a legit website. For all of you that have already signed up or thinking about signing up, it was free to get started. It was the quickest $50 I have ever made in my life. So I am not completely sure if this signup bonus is too good to be true.

Have you signed up at Paybox? If you use my referral link to signup, can you please let me know if you also received your Free $50 in your account? You can post your comments below and we can research this free money website together.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Earnings at Ehow!

Best Month with Ehow Earnings!
To all of my ehowevents blog followers. I haven't posted much on my ehow events blog due to being extremely busy with website help. However, I wanted to take some time and share with everyone that I reached my highest monthly earnings at ehow for the month of August 2010. Yippee and Congrats to me for not taking my ehow articles down after the crazy transition. If you are new to this blog, I will explain a little on the Ehow transition and then I will go back to sharing my earnings at ehow.

Ehow partners with Demand Studios writing site!
Ehow use to allow people to sign up and publish simple "How to" articles and I was one of the ehow members who shared my knowledge there at ehow. I would sign into ehow everyday and look at my income earned at ehow, check ehow messages and make new ehow friends. I was completely addicted to ehow website along with thousands of other ehow members. I was publishing articles at ehow every chance I got. Even while cooking and preparing foods at home, I thought about what could make a great ehow article to write about.

Then to many ehow members surprise, Ehow partnered with Demand Studios. Which meant we could no longer publish and submit articles through the ehow website. We soon had to learn a much harder and complex process of publishing articles through the Demand Studios website. I am sure the transition cut off all those non-useful ehow articles but they also lost many experienced writers who had a lot of helpful information to share. (Including Myself). I have tried a few different times to submit well written content to demand studios, only to get rejected and asked for re-writes. Why do they need to be so strict on their guidelines? I am now glad I didn't take down my already published articles at ehow. I earn monthly on the articles that are still on ehow website.

My ehow earnings for August 2010!

I am proud to announce that I earned over the $50 a month mark on ehow. This goes to show many online writers that the older the post, article, or page, the better the earnings and popularity of article. Search engines love to see text that has been published online for a long time. Aged text and web pages show authority to the search engines. Also, the older the article, the more back links the article probably receives. This is good news because I will hopefully earn more and more each month.

How much are you earning now at Ehow?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Money Tips: Writing Articles

Attention Ehow friends and followers, the below link directs you to my new website. On my website, I created a new page for all writers! I listed places where I publish articles now that Ehow is no longer letting us write there. Please enjoy and add any other writing websites that are worth writing for. You can post your links below this post! I hope everyone is earning some money still publishing articles online.
Real Money Tips: Writing Articles

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ehow income

Ehow income and Ehow earnings

This post is to share with all of my ehow events blog followers how my ehow earnings are looking since the ehow website has made their transition to DS. Many of you ehow website members are busy writing away at Demand Studios and other writing websites. I myself have been working on websites and letting my ehow income just flow in. I miss the ehow website and I login every once in awhile to check on how my ehow articles are earning.

Many of you are making much more ehow income than I am and I would love to see your ehow earnings proof. So if you have a blog or website that shares your ehow earnings, please leave a comment below with your ehow income blog address. I am earning between $37.00 to $50.00 a month on ehow without anymore articles being published. You can see the ehow earnings proof below and see all of the months I have earned money on ehow. I have a total of 123 articles published and really wish I can continue to publish articles on ehow's website.

If you scroll down you can also see detailed ehow income for my top articles. Many of you may have much higher ehow earnings per article and some may have less earnings. However, I am very proud of my ehow earnings and wanted to share with all my blog followers and ehow friends.

Top ehow earnings articles:

How to get a website? ($6.55 as of July 10th 2010)

How to make a website for free? ($6.36 as of July 2010)

How to get followers to your blog? ($10.90 as of July 10th 2010)

How to make money online selling Ad Space? ($9.66 as of July 2010)

How to choose a website domain name? ($12.36 as of July 10th, 2010)

How to help the poor people? ($12.72 as of July 10th, 2010)

How to delete your Internet cookies? ($16.80 as of July 10th, 2010)

How to stop a cough before it gets worse? ($27.11 as of July 10th 2010)

Many ehow members earn much more money per article. Some ehow members make hundreds of dollars off of just one ehow article. Do you have more ehow earnings? Please share your ehow income below in comment box.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Does anyone else miss ehow? It was so easy to publish articles at Lately I have been wandering around the internet like a lost puppy. I still check in daily with ehow to see if I have any messages or comments, however it isn't 20 times a day anymore. I use to drive myself crazy constantly logging in and checking the ehow forum and my ehow account details. Also did I mention that I had a habit checking to see who the featured member of the day was. Lately it seems like Ehow has the same featured member everyday. I wonder if I will ever be chosen? lol!

I have also been struggling to get use to the Demand Studios writing formats and guidelines. My 2nd article at Demand Studios got rejected. It was titled: How to delete history of visited websites?  So instead of just letting the helpful article go un-noticed, I published it on Infobarrel. I only have one article published on Infobarrel. Like many other writing websites, it is taking me forever to get hooked. I believe you need to be addicted to a writing website to really complete and publish many articles there. (Like how many of us were on Ehow...addicted?) Along with not being able to write and complete many articles at Demand Studios, I have also had problems with getting my DS Bio approved. I have re-written it about ten times and I just got done submitting it for review for the third and hopefully final time.

To get to the main point of this post, I MISS Ehow! I really wish they never stopped us from publishing articles there. Everyday I come up with writing ideas and think "Oh, I can write an ehow on that?" and then of course, I come to my senses and remember the big ehow-demand studios transition. Is anyone else having problems getting use to Demand Studios?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Congratulations to Aspiring Freelance Writer!

Hey everyone, I wanted to Congratulate Aspiring Freelance Writer for being the featured visitor to my Ehow Events blog. She has a wonderful blog called Ehow Addicts with many interesting posts. Her photo and link is posted at the top left of this blog because I am thankful for her many comments and participation here.

I also wanted to take this time to admit that I use to be addicted to ehow. Unfortunately, since the big transition to Demand Studios, I haven't been nearly as addicted. I also tried publishing my second article on Demand Studios and sadly it was rejected twice. I knew that writing for Demand Studios would be a challenge but I never knew it would be so hard to get motivated and get my articles accepted. I tried picking an article topic that I knew "How to" complete the steps for but it wasn't something I love to write about. I decided to get the upfront $15 for my articles that I write at Demand Studios. Therefore, I wanted to pick a subject that I didn't need the article for later reasons. I wanted to save the Website Development Articles for my help website. So with that said, I guess my article that I choose wasn't a good enough topic for me to cover all of the editorial changes that Demand Studios wanted from me. I hope all that jibber jabbish just made sense to all of you lol. I am basically saying that Demand Studios isn't working out for me like I wanted it to. How is everyone else doing with the Ehow transition to Demand Studios?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First article on DS is Found!

Thank-you for helping find my article on Demand Studios! How to build a website on Microsoft was my first approved article! You can view it with the link above! I am now an ehow contributing writer and I am excited. I wish all of my ehow friends luck on their writing adventures. Maybe the ehow change is for the best?

My First Article on Demand Studios!

Hi blog followers and visitors!
I wrote my first article at Demand Studios and like I figured it was rejected. The good news is that I only had to change a couple of things which then made it acceptable right away. I wrote an article on how to build a website on Microsoft?. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the article in the search engines. Any advice from my blog followers and ehow friends is appreciated.

As I was deciding on if I should do revenue share like ehow or just give up my rights, I chose to get paid $15 for my first article on Demand Studios. Like most of you said before, Demand Studios is a learning experience for me. I am a beginner freelance writer and I will be able to make upfront income with my articles at DS. I went through my article library on ehow and decided that I would be better off getting paid up front then doing revenue share because of the time that it took my ehow articles to earn money. I don't think I have an ehow article that has even made $15 yet. 

Earnings at ehow is low again! I didn't make the $50 mark at ehow for April but I will hopefully make up for it with earnings in May. I plan to find time to write more on Demand Studios. I have been working many hours helping others on their websites. If anyone needs advice on building a successful website, you can contact me at or visit the successful website link above.  

Congratulations to Alicia for becoming the featured visitor of this ehow events blog! Her photo and link will be posted until Sunday! Thanks everyone for staying in touch with me and being active on my blog! Please leave your writing tips and comments below.

Monday, April 26, 2010

What is happening on Ehow- Demand Studios?

It has been a while since my last ehow events blog post. Let me explain why it has been so long. I have been waiting for my ehow account to transfer over to Demand Studios. Finally I received a message stating the ehow transition was complete. For everyone who is wondering what it is like to be at Demand Studios, it is very confusing and frustrating at first.

I just submitted my first article for review on Demand Studios. Everyone cross your fingers that I don't have to re-write it over and over again. I heard that everyone's first articles that get submitted don't get accepted right away. The "How to" writing format is a little confusing on Demand Studios and it will take me awhile to get use to it. I highly doubt I will be publishing how to articles left and right like I did on Ehow. For those who do write several articles on DS, please share your tips and tricks with everyone. It may just be a publishing format that writers need to get use to. How many articles have you published on Demand Studios?

Ehow earnings are dropping dramatically with the new transition. I still have my remaining 123 articles posted on ehow and I have noticed that I will not reach my goal of $50 a month that I had worked so hard for. I have also noticed that my articles are dropping in the search engine listings. Could this be because they are re-writing everyone's articles? I feel like my ehow titles are being snatched away from me. Does anyone else feel or notice the same thing? Did you guys keep your articles published on ehow?

Ehow Events Featured Blog Visitor!
Some of you may have noticed that there isn't a featured visitor this week for my blog. This is only because I haven't been posting for awhile and therefore I haven't had many visitors. This week I will be posting more on this ehow events blog and will be looking for featured blog visitors for next week. For those who don't remember, the featured blog visitor gets there photo and link posted at the top left of this blog for a whole week. The featured visitor will be chosen by the most active and helpful visitor. Please let me know if you have went out of your way to provide a backlink to Also, if you are chosen for the featured visitor, I will post your photo with a link to your ehow articles. If for any reason you no longer have ehow articles, let me know if you would like your blog or website link posted instead.

Comments are helpful to other online writers. I am looking forward to hearing how you are doing with the ehow transition to Demand Studios. You can share your latest articles in the comment boxes and I will enjoy reading them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What is happening at ehow? Will it still be ehow?

For those of you who write for ehow,  you probablly know of the change that is going to take place....YIKES! There are many questions about this change. Bloggers and ehow members don't seem to be very happy about Ehow being moved to Demand Studios! I received a pre-approved email today stating I am already approved for writing at Demand Studios but I have to wait until the transition is complete to know all the details. This may or may not be a good thing for ehow members. What happens to those members who didn't get pre-approved to write for Demand Studios? Just like everyone else, I am still a little shocked about the whole ehow transition to Demand Studios.

I do not know all of the details yet. However, if you are wondering if you should continue to write for ehow right now, I would have to tell you to wait until there is more information on what will happen to our published articles. I also recommend saving all of your ehow articles in case they get lost in the transition. I will try to keep everyone updated on what is happening at ehow.

Congratulations to Katrina! Featured Ehow events blog visitor!

Two posts back, I told my blog followers that I would be running a contest on the most active What is happening at ehow visitor. Throughout the weeks I will will be checking my comments and seeing which follower to my blog has been the most active and helpful at this blog. This week, I have chosen Katrina as last weeks most active blog follower. Thank-you Katrina.
(Please take some time to click on her photo at the top left of this blog and view a helpful article or two.)
The featured blog visitor will have their photo displayed on the top left of this blog, Monday-Sunday. The photo will be linked to their ehow articles, or link of their choice so that other blog visitors can view their helpful articles, blogs or website. In addition to the advertised featured blog visitors photo and link, I will be stumbling some of their ehow articles throughout the week also. Backlinks will help with article views and earnings. Please let me know if you go out of your way to make a backlink or blog post to this blog.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No More Greasy Ehow Mechanic!

Yes! The publishing problems at Ehow are finally getting fixed. After at least a week of dealing with the ehow mechanic showing up after submitting an article, he is gone for now. I was so shocked to see my article on "How to avoid your cell phone from breaking," I started submitting as many articles as possible before the publishing problem came back. I had a total of six articles stuck in editing mode. I wasn't able to submit them at all. Now finally today, my articles at ehow are submitting very fast. One tip that I realized was that if I saved and previewed an article then I wouldn't be able to submit it for a long time. However, if I just submited it, sometimes it would go through. Since I was in such a hurry to get my articles submitted today, I apologize for lack of steps and complete details. I just figured I could edit the ehow articles later after they were finally published. For an example: My article on "How to lose weight and improve your lifestyle?" has more steps and details to it.

Are you rushing around trying to get your ehow articles published too?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ehow Members- Make more money and be a featured visitor.

Hi Ehow members, followers and friends. I needed to make this post for everyone who has blogs. If you are not making money with your blogs, then you are missing out. If you write for ehow, you know how exciting it is to make money online. Here is another way for you to increase your online earnings. Make money with InfoLinks. I am sure everyone has seen the highlighted text that is placed in articles, you can make money by signing up and placing the infolinks code on your blogs or websites. Everytime your visitors clicks on the highlighted text, you make more money. I am placing a screenshot of my earnings for three months from Infolinks. If you write and earn from ehow, you will understand how every little bit adds up and those cents turn to dollars. You can sign up for infolinks here!
You can see proof of earnings by clicking on the image above. I also wanted to take this time to notify my followers of my big mistake. I changed the name of my other blog that many of you may have been following. Since the name change, my followers haven't been getting updated on my new posts. If you know that you were following my shopwithtammy blog, please check to see if you are still following and are able to view posts. If you weren't following my shopwithtammy blog, please be aware that it is really a website help blog and you can also become a follower. 

For all ehow members, I also have came up with a brilliant plan in the future to do Featured Blog Visitor I want to post a featured blog visitor on this blog. Yes all of you ehow members can say that I am copying ehow in a way. I just want to feature blog visitors so that they have extra traffic to their ehow articles. My plan is to feature a What is happening at ehow visitor? Their photo and special link to their ehow articles will be posted every monday and will be featured for a week. I will choose the most active blog visitor for the week and feature them. I feel this is another great way to be featured instead of searching everyday to see if you are the featured member of the day on ehow, (like I do). Please let me know what you think in the comments box below. I look forward to everybody's feedback.  

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ehow earnings for March! Did you make your ehow earnings goal?

Hi Everyone, I am so excited! I reached my goal for March 2010. I made $50.15. I am going to include a screenshot of the earnings below. It also shows that I now have 126 articles published at ehow and I actually was updated today that I have 128 articles published. I am still unable to submit some of my articles that I have completed but it is just a matter of time before ehow fixes the publishing problems. How are you guys dealing with the publishing glitches?

I am hooked on stumbleupon, I have been adding my favorites to stumbleupon and creating backlinks to my articles. How many of you ehow members use stumbleupon? I think creating backlinks to my websites and articles is what helped me reach my ehow earnings goal for this month.
Please check out my favorite stumbles here and if you subscribe to me and thumbs up an article, I will return the favor.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to save ehow articles? Pay it forward link exchange.

How to save ehow articles? Jade's article should remind all of us the importance of saving our ehow articles. Ehow has certain article sweeps that deletes many ehow articles that are published. I have to admit that I am guilty of not saving my ehow articles. Sometimes I think, oh well if it gets deleted I can just re-write it somewhere else. That is not the way to think though because it would be pretty difficult to remember all of the steps, keywords and content that you had included in that deleted ehow article if it isn't saved somewhere. So don't be like me, save your articles and follow Jade's advice.

As of today, I need $5.01 to meet my $50/month goal at ehow. From the looks of my ehow earnings I should be able to meet my goal. I know $50 a month only pays for maybe one small monthly bill but we all need to remember that we need to set goals for ourselves when we write articles online. Also, stay patient with the annoying ehow publishing problems. Sometime it will fixed and we can all continue to submit and publish more articles.

What is your monthly online earnings goal?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Free backlinks to your Ehow Articles!

"Pay it forward and get free backlinks" is an ehow forum thread that Jade Dragon just started. She is pretty smart when it comes to increasing views and earnings at ehow. Thanks Jade Dragon! She has came up with a plan to get free backlinks to ehow members articles. It is working because another ehow member just created a free backlink to my "stumble upon" article.

I am now returning the favor to my soon to be new ehow friend Joyce Mann. She is a wonderful ehow writer and has written a very helpful article on "How to get the most out of your good credit score". Although my credit score is far from being good, I have found that Joyce's article has all of the recommended steps, photos and contents of a great ehow article. If you guys/gals want to see what a wonderful ehow article consists of, I encourage you to read her article on how to get the most out of your good credit score.

I also encourage all ehow members to follow the ehow thread that Jade Dragon has started so that you can also get free back links to your ehow articles. Login into ehow and visit the forum, it will be in the ehow chatter section called "pay it forward and get free backlinks". I have also provided you a link to the ehow forum thread at the beginning of this blog post. Oh yeah, before I forget....As of today March 25, 2010 the publishing tool at ehow is still having problems. This is a great time to work on your backlinks and sharing of your articles.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is happening at ehow? Bug Fixes!

Hi all Ehow members! Diane, the community ehow manager finally made a post in the ehow forum updating us on all the bug fixes. You can view her response on this ehow forum thread. I have noticed that the "unavailable" status is getting better for my articles. I still have two ehow articles that are stuck in lala land somewhere on ehow, but they seem to be slowly fixing the ehow publishing problems. 

Many high paying ehow members have stated the importance of backlinks to your ehow articles many times. I have to admit, I have ignored the sharing button in the past. I have recently been stumbling my ehow articles after they are getting published. This is helping with my earnings at ehow. For those who don't know what "stumbling" means, it means to share your ehow articles with the Stumbleupon website. It is surprising how many views that you might get when you share them. Backlinking helps increase your ehow article views and will eventuallly help with your ehow earnings. You can view my stumble upon page here to see what favorite links that I have stumbled.

If you need to know how to get more subscribers to your stumbleupon account, read my ehow article here.  Until my next post, may all of us complete our ehow earnings goals.  Please let me know if you stumble any of my articles and I will surely read, stumble and share yours also.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyone else having major publishing problems at ehow?

Hi everyone! Something strange has happened with ehow. It is all over the forums. When some articles are being saved and not finished, they go directly to "unavailable" status. How are we sopose to edit, complete and submit articles that way?

I guess we have to give step by step details on what buttons we pushed when saving the article, we need to provide the article title, date and time to Dianne (ehow manager). I know how frustrating this may be for a lot of us and I agree with those who state that ehow is getting more buggier everyday. If it isn't one problem it is another problem.

Earning updates at ehow seem to be off schedule as well and it is better to take a break from ehow and give them time to fix the publishing problems. Try to save your self frustration and time by waiting 2-5 days to try to publish your ehow articles again. I wonder if ehow understands that they are also losing money when they have publishing issues?

How many of you ehow members have earning goals? Are you reaching your goals? So far for me, I am earning from my 124 articles but not very much. I had a minimal earning goal of $50 a month at ehow and I don't know for sure if I will reach it this month or not. I am inserting a screenshot below of my ehow earnings for March so far. I have made $23.56 as of the update for March 18, 2010. Feel free to leave your comments and ehow earnings below.

Monday, March 8, 2010

6 articles still "unavailable" on ehow! What is happening with ehow?

As of today March 08, 2010, I have 6 articles that are still in the "unavailable" status on ehow. I try to stay positive, patient and continue to write my helpful articles on ehow and it is like they are testing to see how far I can be pushed before exploding. What is happening with ehow?

Not only are my articles taking forever to publish, but my earnings went down last month and I never reached my $50/month goal. Yes, I understand that February was a short month, but if ehow would of published my articles that have been unavailable for so long, I would of earned from my pending articles and made up for the short month.

On top of it all, my comments tab is still not working correctly. I have to enter "on" after "comments" via the comments url to view my comments page. If any of you are wondering why your ehow avatar is blurry, don't be alarmed because so is mine. I know a lot of ehow members make very good money writing for ehow. I have seen proof of it. Such as CM Herold's ehow earnings showed here

Many of you may also know of WriterGig (Maria) who makes over $1,000 a month writing for ehow. Those who have showed me proof of their ehow earnings are the people who keep me motivated to write more "How to" articles on ehow. I want to tell all of you ehow bloggers Thank-you very much for sharing your success. Maybe someday I will be proud of my ehow adventure too and make good money with my ehow articles. What am I doing wrong?

Please feel free to post your comments, tips, and concerns via the comment box below. My next post will show a screenshot update of my earnings. As for now, I am not sure how I will do on earning at ehow for March.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will I make $50 this month on ehow?

Hi ehow events followers! I wanted to write this post to tell you how I am doing with my ehow earnings for this month. February 2010. It is a short month and I don't think I will reach my $50 a month at ehow. I will provide a screen shot of my earnings so far below. It is February 25th, 2010 and I have made $37.55 so far. Yeepee that is surely better than nothing. How are your earnings? Putting all of the buggy problems aside, I have got to be thank-ful for ehow. I haven't found a better paying writing website yet. I have calmed down a bit since my last post about the uk compensation. So I am back to the positive and motivated Tammy. I hope everyone can forgive and/or forget about the uk compensation issue and continue to earn at ehow. Have you continued writing articles and do you forgive ehow for their problems?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ehow UK Compensation.....what a joke?

Today I received the ehow compensation for the UK website displaying my articles. You can see in my previous post, I earned $52.20 for the month of January 2010. My payment that I received today Feb.11, 2010 was $54.47.  Therefore, I received $2.27 for my UK compensation. For those who are already lost by this statement, Ehow posted ehow member articles on the new UK ehow website and then today compensated us for not earning for 6 months. While our articles were producing earnings and traffic to their newly built website, we were not getting paid for 6 months. And now they decided to re-imburse us for our lost earnings.

What a joke? $2.27 payment makes it really hard for me to believe that this is all that I lost in earnings. I am not a happy ehow writer right now. On top of the small reimbursement that I received, my daily earnings today was cut down around $2 of what it usually is. I usually earn around $2 to $3 a day with my ehow articles.

What un-motivates me lately for continueing to write for ehow is not only the UK earnings but also the bugs that ehow has. The comments on my ehow member account hasn't been working for days and I still have articles that are un-published. There are articles that I have written that need attention and published. I look forward to reading my comments everyday and I haven't been able to do so in a long time.

Please understand that I do like writing at ehow and I really enjoy having all of my ehow friends. I just can't help noticing the negatives compared to the positives. I will keep everyone updated on how I do and my next post will contain another interesting screen shot of my earnings at ehow. If you have something to vent about concerning ehow, please leave your comments below. I will appreciate any feedback on what is happening with your ehow experiences.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jan. and Feb. 2010 Ehow Earnings so far!

What is happening with ehow? I can't help myself to constantly check my ehow stats every day. As some people may hate ehow, and others just love ehow no matter what, I am mutual. I have my moments where I am so upset with ehow but I still check my stats everyday. Usually at 10:00a.m. everyday, my earnings update and I am so thrilled. Seeing my earnings increase a couple dollars a day makes me wonder if it matters if I continue to write articles or just leave the ones that I have to earn the money by them selves?

My ehow comments tab is still not showing up and I have two articles that are still not published and I wrote them about a week ago. Yikes, how patient can somebody be? I want my articles published and contacting support at ehow is no longer working. Ehow says they are fixing the problems but how do we know for sure?  Oh and another thing that has me curious is the UK website compensation that we all are waiting patiently for. Why can't we get more details on this?

I finally made my first $50 a month at ehow, YeePee. I had pushed myself to write 100 articles and in January of this year, 2010, I made $52.20.  I am including a screen shot below of proof of earnings for January and so far in February, I have made $11.88 with 111 articles. I seem to be earning on average $2 a day from my earnings. Does it look like I am on track with everyone else? Please feel free to state your comments, postitive or negative in the comments below. Also, if you enclose your article links url or your ehow blog address, I will certainly take some time to read your articles.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ehow earnings for 2009

What is ehow? Ehow is a "how to" writing website where you can earn money from your written articles. Within the year 2009 I was an ehow member for five total months. Within those five months, I managed to earn a total of $95.98.  (I will provide a screen shot image of my earnings below.) I know that doesn't sound like much money for someone who is looking for ways to make money online but it was extra money that I really needed to help take care of my bills.

If a ehow member dedicates their free time to writing articles on ehow, in a couple years they can be earning up to $1,200 or more a month just writing articles on things that people are searching for. I have seen proof of these earnings and I am looking forward to the day that I see the 4 digits in my monthly earning column. I will continue to write articles and earn from ehow. If you decide to write at ehow, become a follower of this blog for future earning tips. There are secrets to earning more money at ehow. See my ehow earning progress for 2009 below. click the photo to make it easier to view. Please keep in mind that every month, I slowly increased the amount of articles that I wrote. I didn't get to 100 articles until January 2010.  In my next  post, I will give you updates on how I am doing on January and Febuary's ehow earnings.

As you can see, my ehow earnings were very low in my first couple of months. This is because I didn't yet know how to write a good keyword based article, I have now realized the earning techniques that many of you will also figure out soon. Please take some time to read the keyword article above that I have linked for your convenience. As of today, February 4th, 2010, I have 110 articles published. I should have 4 more published very soon but because of the ehow publishing problems right now, I am patiently waiting for them to be active. If you also write at ehow and you have many articles that are in the "unavailable" status, you can read my article on how to deal with publishing problems at ehow.  It may help you stay patient while you are waiting for them to become active.

At ehow, the Uk website issue has many ehow writers waiting patiently for their owed compensation.....Does anyone know for sure how much we will be paid and when?
I would try to find these answers out myself but I have had bad experience in the ehow forums lately.  Hearing all the name calling and negative posts, make me furious. So many people are upset because of what ehow did and I have tried to avoid the drama as much as possible. This is just my opinion about ehow right now, try to avoid getting wrapped up in all the forum chaos. One very successful ehow member stated that "many ehow members should spend their time writing articles instead of posting negative forum posts." It is easy to get wrapped up in all the ehow drama, but it is just a waiste of time right now. Just Stay Away!
Please feel free to leave your comments and concerns in the comment box below.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to my Ehow Events Blog!

My name is Tammy and many of you may know me from Ehow, Help with your website, Shop with Tammy, and or my other blog,  that many of you may follow.

Things for me are pretty busy online with all of my website work and article writings. There has been many things going on at Ehow and since this website is where I am lately, I have decided to make this special ehow blog just for my ehow concerns, opinions, articles and information about ehow. I am writing this blog post to invite all of my visitors to become a follower at this blog and share your experience, opinions and concerns about ehow also. 

I am going to use my other help blog to give updates about my help and shopping websites.  I have been a member of ehow since August 8th, 2009 and as of today, I have 107 articles published there. I will be sharing my tips on how to make money writing articles online and why ehow is the main writing website where I earn and write. For those who have followed my shop with tammy blog, you may have seen a screen shot of my earnings at ehow. I am going to be now displaying screenshots of my earnings here on this blog. Please become a follower for future posts on ehow tips and earnings.