Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to save ehow articles? Pay it forward link exchange.

How to save ehow articles? Jade's article should remind all of us the importance of saving our ehow articles. Ehow has certain article sweeps that deletes many ehow articles that are published. I have to admit that I am guilty of not saving my ehow articles. Sometimes I think, oh well if it gets deleted I can just re-write it somewhere else. That is not the way to think though because it would be pretty difficult to remember all of the steps, keywords and content that you had included in that deleted ehow article if it isn't saved somewhere. So don't be like me, save your articles and follow Jade's advice.

As of today, I need $5.01 to meet my $50/month goal at ehow. From the looks of my ehow earnings I should be able to meet my goal. I know $50 a month only pays for maybe one small monthly bill but we all need to remember that we need to set goals for ourselves when we write articles online. Also, stay patient with the annoying ehow publishing problems. Sometime it will fixed and we can all continue to submit and publish more articles.

What is your monthly online earnings goal?


  1. This month has been way better than last month, although I admit I have not been writing like I should. I was glad to see my earnings increase after they took a dip in Feb. I may not set an earnings goal in April, but I may set a goal on how many articles I will write.
    I also try writing my articles in Word first. That way if there's publishing glitches, I can try again later and I always have a copy saved.

  2. Thanks for the links Tammy. Your blog is coming along nicely and the link exchange thread is giving you stuff to write about too :) Write On.