Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ehow earnings for March! Did you make your ehow earnings goal?

Hi Everyone, I am so excited! I reached my goal for March 2010. I made $50.15. I am going to include a screenshot of the earnings below. It also shows that I now have 126 articles published at ehow and I actually was updated today that I have 128 articles published. I am still unable to submit some of my articles that I have completed but it is just a matter of time before ehow fixes the publishing problems. How are you guys dealing with the publishing glitches?

I am hooked on stumbleupon, I have been adding my favorites to stumbleupon and creating backlinks to my articles. How many of you ehow members use stumbleupon? I think creating backlinks to my websites and articles is what helped me reach my ehow earnings goal for this month.
Please check out my favorite stumbles here and if you subscribe to me and thumbs up an article, I will return the favor.


  1. I am so excited. Looks like I am going to get back to the $200 mark for the first time in months.

    I have been adding backlinks to my articles at Info Barrel, Xomba, Shetoldme, and hubpages. I do believe this helped to kick some of the older ones into earning again.

    I have been doing much better with publishing. I have published one a day for the last couple of days now. Fingers crossed that it keeps up.

  2. Hey Tammy,
    That is great that you made your goal. There is one more day of earnings (March 31). So you will more than likely earn higher.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot there is one more day, I will go over my goal...YeePee! What should my next goal amount be? Any ideas? Thanks for all of your support and friendship here and at ehow.

  4. That's great you made your goal! I actually exceed my goal this month, since I barely missed payout in Feb. So my goal was just to make payout. It ended up being my best month since November!