Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyone else having major publishing problems at ehow?

Hi everyone! Something strange has happened with ehow. It is all over the forums. When some articles are being saved and not finished, they go directly to "unavailable" status. How are we sopose to edit, complete and submit articles that way?

I guess we have to give step by step details on what buttons we pushed when saving the article, we need to provide the article title, date and time to Dianne (ehow manager). I know how frustrating this may be for a lot of us and I agree with those who state that ehow is getting more buggier everyday. If it isn't one problem it is another problem.

Earning updates at ehow seem to be off schedule as well and it is better to take a break from ehow and give them time to fix the publishing problems. Try to save your self frustration and time by waiting 2-5 days to try to publish your ehow articles again. I wonder if ehow understands that they are also losing money when they have publishing issues?

How many of you ehow members have earning goals? Are you reaching your goals? So far for me, I am earning from my 124 articles but not very much. I had a minimal earning goal of $50 a month at ehow and I don't know for sure if I will reach it this month or not. I am inserting a screenshot below of my ehow earnings for March so far. I have made $23.56 as of the update for March 18, 2010. Feel free to leave your comments and ehow earnings below.


  1. Hi, Tammy, I am having trouble at ehow I have 2 articles stuck in unavailable and two extra copies of one article? My earnings are much lower this month compared to last month. I have 37 articles wanted to have more but couldn't get anything published. I made $7.50 last month and $2.51 so far this month.

  2. Hi Gloria, I have several stuck in unavailable status too. Rich made a forum post where we are sopose to reply and state when and what steps we took before the articles went to unavaliable status. It is so time consuming to not only try to write and publish articles but also to get them out of the "unavaliable" status. I was fortunate yesterday and made $4.00 plus for my articles. I don't know what to do anymore lol. When I am getting to the fed up point, I see those earnings updates that keep me thinking everything will work out for the best. Good Luck and Great work Gloria on your earnings.....They will get bigger, try to stay patient and motivated. Also, I changed my name to my other blog and I think my followers now are unable to get updated....Are you following It use to be http://shopwithtammyonline.blogspot? I am trying to figure out if I messed up on changing my blog name or not. Thanks Gloria!

  3. I've been taking a break from publishing on eHow because of the publishing bugs. I hope they get the problems fixed soon. So, instead of publishing new eHow articles, I've been creating lots of backlinks that--I think--are improving my earnings.