Monday, March 8, 2010

6 articles still "unavailable" on ehow! What is happening with ehow?

As of today March 08, 2010, I have 6 articles that are still in the "unavailable" status on ehow. I try to stay positive, patient and continue to write my helpful articles on ehow and it is like they are testing to see how far I can be pushed before exploding. What is happening with ehow?

Not only are my articles taking forever to publish, but my earnings went down last month and I never reached my $50/month goal. Yes, I understand that February was a short month, but if ehow would of published my articles that have been unavailable for so long, I would of earned from my pending articles and made up for the short month.

On top of it all, my comments tab is still not working correctly. I have to enter "on" after "comments" via the comments url to view my comments page. If any of you are wondering why your ehow avatar is blurry, don't be alarmed because so is mine. I know a lot of ehow members make very good money writing for ehow. I have seen proof of it. Such as CM Herold's ehow earnings showed here

Many of you may also know of WriterGig (Maria) who makes over $1,000 a month writing for ehow. Those who have showed me proof of their ehow earnings are the people who keep me motivated to write more "How to" articles on ehow. I want to tell all of you ehow bloggers Thank-you very much for sharing your success. Maybe someday I will be proud of my ehow adventure too and make good money with my ehow articles. What am I doing wrong?

Please feel free to post your comments, tips, and concerns via the comment box below. My next post will show a screenshot update of my earnings. As for now, I am not sure how I will do on earning at ehow for March.


  1. Hi Tammy, What a surprise!:)Thanks for posting the link to my blog. Good for you for staying motivated. I remember how frustrated I would get sometimes with eHow; however, I'm a lot like you. I just keep writing anyway.

  2. You are welcome CM....Can I ask what your first name is? You really do motivate me when you post your earnings. I am a single mom trying support my daughter, the extra ehow money is helpful.

  3. Maybe CM Herold has built a solid reputation at ehow that they take care of long time writers first.

  4. My eHow relationship tends to be very roller-coaster like, so I try to write a few articles every couple weeks to keep building up the passive income, but I concentrate on writing in other areas, as well, because it seems like every single month there are technical problems and nothing ever seems to go 100% smoothly. That said, I'm making over $100 a month there on average on 170 articles, so I can't complain too much. Like the blog. Hang in there.

  5. Thanks Master Daytonna, My frustration is very high with ehow. Thanks for sharing your information. I checked out your writing blog and I think you should put a followers button on there so that I can follow you.
    I have another blog if you want to take a look and maybe follow. It is
    Thanks again for sharing and commenting. Your earnings impress me.

  6. As much as we might hate bugs on eHow the problems don't come close to outweighing the benefits. I never expected to earn money on the internet like I do with eHow.