Friday, May 28, 2010


Does anyone else miss ehow? It was so easy to publish articles at Lately I have been wandering around the internet like a lost puppy. I still check in daily with ehow to see if I have any messages or comments, however it isn't 20 times a day anymore. I use to drive myself crazy constantly logging in and checking the ehow forum and my ehow account details. Also did I mention that I had a habit checking to see who the featured member of the day was. Lately it seems like Ehow has the same featured member everyday. I wonder if I will ever be chosen? lol!

I have also been struggling to get use to the Demand Studios writing formats and guidelines. My 2nd article at Demand Studios got rejected. It was titled: How to delete history of visited websites?  So instead of just letting the helpful article go un-noticed, I published it on Infobarrel. I only have one article published on Infobarrel. Like many other writing websites, it is taking me forever to get hooked. I believe you need to be addicted to a writing website to really complete and publish many articles there. (Like how many of us were on Ehow...addicted?) Along with not being able to write and complete many articles at Demand Studios, I have also had problems with getting my DS Bio approved. I have re-written it about ten times and I just got done submitting it for review for the third and hopefully final time.

To get to the main point of this post, I MISS Ehow! I really wish they never stopped us from publishing articles there. Everyday I come up with writing ideas and think "Oh, I can write an ehow on that?" and then of course, I come to my senses and remember the big ehow-demand studios transition. Is anyone else having problems getting use to Demand Studios?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Congratulations to Aspiring Freelance Writer!

Hey everyone, I wanted to Congratulate Aspiring Freelance Writer for being the featured visitor to my Ehow Events blog. She has a wonderful blog called Ehow Addicts with many interesting posts. Her photo and link is posted at the top left of this blog because I am thankful for her many comments and participation here.

I also wanted to take this time to admit that I use to be addicted to ehow. Unfortunately, since the big transition to Demand Studios, I haven't been nearly as addicted. I also tried publishing my second article on Demand Studios and sadly it was rejected twice. I knew that writing for Demand Studios would be a challenge but I never knew it would be so hard to get motivated and get my articles accepted. I tried picking an article topic that I knew "How to" complete the steps for but it wasn't something I love to write about. I decided to get the upfront $15 for my articles that I write at Demand Studios. Therefore, I wanted to pick a subject that I didn't need the article for later reasons. I wanted to save the Website Development Articles for my help website. So with that said, I guess my article that I choose wasn't a good enough topic for me to cover all of the editorial changes that Demand Studios wanted from me. I hope all that jibber jabbish just made sense to all of you lol. I am basically saying that Demand Studios isn't working out for me like I wanted it to. How is everyone else doing with the Ehow transition to Demand Studios?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First article on DS is Found!

Thank-you for helping find my article on Demand Studios! How to build a website on Microsoft was my first approved article! You can view it with the link above! I am now an ehow contributing writer and I am excited. I wish all of my ehow friends luck on their writing adventures. Maybe the ehow change is for the best?

My First Article on Demand Studios!

Hi blog followers and visitors!
I wrote my first article at Demand Studios and like I figured it was rejected. The good news is that I only had to change a couple of things which then made it acceptable right away. I wrote an article on how to build a website on Microsoft?. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the article in the search engines. Any advice from my blog followers and ehow friends is appreciated.

As I was deciding on if I should do revenue share like ehow or just give up my rights, I chose to get paid $15 for my first article on Demand Studios. Like most of you said before, Demand Studios is a learning experience for me. I am a beginner freelance writer and I will be able to make upfront income with my articles at DS. I went through my article library on ehow and decided that I would be better off getting paid up front then doing revenue share because of the time that it took my ehow articles to earn money. I don't think I have an ehow article that has even made $15 yet. 

Earnings at ehow is low again! I didn't make the $50 mark at ehow for April but I will hopefully make up for it with earnings in May. I plan to find time to write more on Demand Studios. I have been working many hours helping others on their websites. If anyone needs advice on building a successful website, you can contact me at or visit the successful website link above.  

Congratulations to Alicia for becoming the featured visitor of this ehow events blog! Her photo and link will be posted until Sunday! Thanks everyone for staying in touch with me and being active on my blog! Please leave your writing tips and comments below.