Sunday, May 16, 2010

Congratulations to Aspiring Freelance Writer!

Hey everyone, I wanted to Congratulate Aspiring Freelance Writer for being the featured visitor to my Ehow Events blog. She has a wonderful blog called Ehow Addicts with many interesting posts. Her photo and link is posted at the top left of this blog because I am thankful for her many comments and participation here.

I also wanted to take this time to admit that I use to be addicted to ehow. Unfortunately, since the big transition to Demand Studios, I haven't been nearly as addicted. I also tried publishing my second article on Demand Studios and sadly it was rejected twice. I knew that writing for Demand Studios would be a challenge but I never knew it would be so hard to get motivated and get my articles accepted. I tried picking an article topic that I knew "How to" complete the steps for but it wasn't something I love to write about. I decided to get the upfront $15 for my articles that I write at Demand Studios. Therefore, I wanted to pick a subject that I didn't need the article for later reasons. I wanted to save the Website Development Articles for my help website. So with that said, I guess my article that I choose wasn't a good enough topic for me to cover all of the editorial changes that Demand Studios wanted from me. I hope all that jibber jabbish just made sense to all of you lol. I am basically saying that Demand Studios isn't working out for me like I wanted it to. How is everyone else doing with the Ehow transition to Demand Studios?


  1. Hey Tammy,
    I was already a DS writer before the transition. It does take some time getting used to the guidelines. I know it took me a while and believe me I was having my share of problems. I am still learning because they make changes/addendums to the guidelines often. But I have gotten a lot better I believe because my scorecard ratings are up. There is a learning curve however the more you write there the more you will get used to the guidelines.

    BTW,Congrats to Aspiring Freelance Writer.

  2. Thanks Alicia for all of the tips on DS. My daughter Thanks you for following her blog. She would like to write a pretend story about you. Can you tell me about your best vacation place? Or where you would love to visit sometime?
    She writes stories about her blog followers...They are pretty interesting.
    Talk to you soon!

  3. I was also already a DS writer before the eHow merger. It can be tough to learn the guidelines and get into a groove there. I wrote an article a while back on my blog about how to succeed as a writer on DS if you want to check it out.