Friday, May 28, 2010


Does anyone else miss ehow? It was so easy to publish articles at Lately I have been wandering around the internet like a lost puppy. I still check in daily with ehow to see if I have any messages or comments, however it isn't 20 times a day anymore. I use to drive myself crazy constantly logging in and checking the ehow forum and my ehow account details. Also did I mention that I had a habit checking to see who the featured member of the day was. Lately it seems like Ehow has the same featured member everyday. I wonder if I will ever be chosen? lol!

I have also been struggling to get use to the Demand Studios writing formats and guidelines. My 2nd article at Demand Studios got rejected. It was titled: How to delete history of visited websites?  So instead of just letting the helpful article go un-noticed, I published it on Infobarrel. I only have one article published on Infobarrel. Like many other writing websites, it is taking me forever to get hooked. I believe you need to be addicted to a writing website to really complete and publish many articles there. (Like how many of us were on Ehow...addicted?) Along with not being able to write and complete many articles at Demand Studios, I have also had problems with getting my DS Bio approved. I have re-written it about ten times and I just got done submitting it for review for the third and hopefully final time.

To get to the main point of this post, I MISS Ehow! I really wish they never stopped us from publishing articles there. Everyday I come up with writing ideas and think "Oh, I can write an ehow on that?" and then of course, I come to my senses and remember the big ehow-demand studios transition. Is anyone else having problems getting use to Demand Studios?


  1. I'm still disappointed too about eHow. I don't know if I'll ever get over it. It was the first Web site I started writing for, so I was really bummed when I couldn't write there anymore. I haven't written any articles lately for DS, but I plan to after I write 20 more Suite101 articles.

  2. I miss the old eHow, too. There was something really satisfying about the freedom and the instant publishing ... I like DS, too, and the earning potential is there, it's just not quite as fun!

  3. I miss it too. The freedom and feel of being your own boss and DS is great for quick cash it just isn't the same. To me writing is like art - not a job. I can't do it on demand and I can only write what I am interested in (perhaps this why I have not quit my day job). There was something satisfying about people being interested in your creation and something a little sad about writing w/o retaining rights to that creation.

  4. I'm glad I decided to stop by your blog cuz this is the first I've heard of the change. I'm a member of eHow but haven't written or logged in there a while because I simply don't have the time to write anymore. But you're right.. that change does suck.. I wish they bring it back the way they use to. Maybe if enough people get to complaining, then maybe they will?

    Anyway.. concerning your question on my blog.. I answered there but just wanted to leave a copy here as well to ensure you see it. :) This is what I said:

    "Hi Tammy.. No you're not doing anything wrong. It's just that since YouData has been fairly new, they haven't been getting a ton of advertisers yet. So you really have to log in pretty often in order to see the ads that they do offer. Try logging in a bit more often and see if that helps! :) Good luck!"

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  5. Yeah I miss the old eHow as well. I have just recently joined and found the community to be just as supportive as the eHow community was, but am finding I earned more when writing for the old eHow.