Friday, April 2, 2010

Ehow Members- Make more money and be a featured visitor.

Hi Ehow members, followers and friends. I needed to make this post for everyone who has blogs. If you are not making money with your blogs, then you are missing out. If you write for ehow, you know how exciting it is to make money online. Here is another way for you to increase your online earnings. Make money with InfoLinks. I am sure everyone has seen the highlighted text that is placed in articles, you can make money by signing up and placing the infolinks code on your blogs or websites. Everytime your visitors clicks on the highlighted text, you make more money. I am placing a screenshot of my earnings for three months from Infolinks. If you write and earn from ehow, you will understand how every little bit adds up and those cents turn to dollars. You can sign up for infolinks here!
You can see proof of earnings by clicking on the image above. I also wanted to take this time to notify my followers of my big mistake. I changed the name of my other blog that many of you may have been following. Since the name change, my followers haven't been getting updated on my new posts. If you know that you were following my shopwithtammy blog, please check to see if you are still following and are able to view posts. If you weren't following my shopwithtammy blog, please be aware that it is really a website help blog and you can also become a follower. 

For all ehow members, I also have came up with a brilliant plan in the future to do Featured Blog Visitor I want to post a featured blog visitor on this blog. Yes all of you ehow members can say that I am copying ehow in a way. I just want to feature blog visitors so that they have extra traffic to their ehow articles. My plan is to feature a What is happening at ehow visitor? Their photo and special link to their ehow articles will be posted every monday and will be featured for a week. I will choose the most active blog visitor for the week and feature them. I feel this is another great way to be featured instead of searching everyday to see if you are the featured member of the day on ehow, (like I do). Please let me know what you think in the comments box below. I look forward to everybody's feedback.  


  1. Awesome post! Thank you for the info - I am placing a link in my blog to this page =)

  2. Thanks for info about infolinks. I had no idea about how to set these up. Awesome post!

  3. Hey Tammy,
    I like your office live website. I just signed up to start one myself.

  4. Great info once again! I am checking out infolinks! Thanks Tammy!!

  5. ok nice for your earnings opportunity scheme. about infolinks. good post , awesome post...