Monday, April 5, 2010

What is happening at ehow? Will it still be ehow?

For those of you who write for ehow,  you probablly know of the change that is going to take place....YIKES! There are many questions about this change. Bloggers and ehow members don't seem to be very happy about Ehow being moved to Demand Studios! I received a pre-approved email today stating I am already approved for writing at Demand Studios but I have to wait until the transition is complete to know all the details. This may or may not be a good thing for ehow members. What happens to those members who didn't get pre-approved to write for Demand Studios? Just like everyone else, I am still a little shocked about the whole ehow transition to Demand Studios.

I do not know all of the details yet. However, if you are wondering if you should continue to write for ehow right now, I would have to tell you to wait until there is more information on what will happen to our published articles. I also recommend saving all of your ehow articles in case they get lost in the transition. I will try to keep everyone updated on what is happening at ehow.


  1. It seems to me that they have just closed the WCP, but writers who have articles already written on eHow will continue to earn on their articles, though they will not be able to write any new ones. So, I don't think there's anything to worry about concerning current articles.

  2. I received a pre approved email today too. I just finished up dating my account. So far I like some of the titles I see to choose from. For now I am only allowed to write eHow articles. That is okay with me for now until I feel more comfortable with DS.

  3. Tammy, Congrats on being accepted to DS. I'm also a DS writer, but I preferred eHow because the guidelines are not as stringent as DS. Now it's time to pay for the convenience. I expect almost everyone will have a lot more eHow articles deleted in the near future, including me.

    I'm not too surprised at what happened at eHow, but I think it's time to stay focused on how to increase residual earnings. The RevShare program at DS has been very good to me. I've averaged $1.31 per RevShare article at DS over the last three months. I've only written 16 RevShare articles, but I think that's enough for a fairly reliable average. And now DS is offering suggested titles from writers for RevShare articles. I'm not going to let this eHow setback keep me from writing and earning residual income.

    Now is the time to focus on the guidelines for DS. There are also other sites to write for as well. The people who will come out ahead of this situation will be the ones who keep writing and who keep working on ways to improve their writing.

    Historically, the media have never taken too kindly to self-publication. So overall, the eHow situation is a bit ironic.

  4. Thanks followers and ehow friends for commenting on this post. I have to be honest right now, I am very upset with what has been happening at ehow. I finally got my articles published and then they turned around and deleted 10 of my articles. They are switching to Demand Studios and that is all I need is more guidelines to follow and to get use to a new writing platform. The change will hopefully someday be worth all of the time that I have put into ehow. I have hours put into just trying to submit my articles to see that they get deleted. I have really tried staying positive with ehow and I have dedicated my time I just need to play it smart like all you other online writers and find different websites to write for. Oh yeah, remember to save all of your articles ASAP.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Congrats on being preapproved--I was not so lucky. I had a 73% rating, which I assume they are basing on my total of 41 articles submitted over the past year, which have dwindled down to 30 due to their article sweeps. I haven't had anything deleted since they announced this change and I never had anything not be approved for initial publication. So I do think it's a bit unfair as to how they calculated my score. Does your approval rating make sense to you based on the number of articles you've published and have had deleted?

  6. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the congratulations. I was 89% approved and then they deleted 10 articles. Many of the article deletion reasons was for "common sense" or "blog opinion". To me my articles are all helpful and I wouldn't write them if someone hadn't asked me about the question or the HOW to....So I am a little upset. But like always, I will get over it. Sometimes venting helps.

  7. Hi Tammy,

    I am answering your question from my blog, Write Moms. In order to log into your new Demand Studios account you need to go to your eHow Inbox, open the e-mail that told you you were pre-approved and click the link at the bottom. From there they will ask you to select a password and then you can enter your account. If you deleted that e-mail, you should be able to log into your account by going to and enter the e-mail address you use for eHow into the user name. You will probably have to then click on "Forgot Password" and they should let you set a new one. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  8. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks so much for choosing me as the featured visitor this week! Your visits and comments on my blogs are greatly appreciated as well!

  9. Hello Tammy:

    Congrats on your promotion. I know you're happy. I am really happy. I might actually am more excited than you. I've read all of your articles. Sorry, I don't make time for comments. Anyways, you're a great writer and I think ehow is getting an excellent employee. I will continue to read your articles and posts.

  10. Tammy, as bittersweet as it is to witness the end of eHow's WCP, I do think there are some benefits to the whole thing, especially the ease of publishing through the Demand Studios writers tools.

    Furthermore, the tighter guidelines will decrease or virtually eliminate spammy and inferior content on the site, which benefits everyone in the long run.

    I say give it a go on DS -- there is great potential there.