Friday, January 28, 2011

How to survive without Caffeine?

Hi Everyone, I finally published my third article at Demand Studios and wanted to take this time to share it with you. I also wanted to type this blog post to tell you what is happening with my earnings at Ehow. I am Thankful that my ehow earnings are increasing every month and I hope your earnings are going up to. I have earned over $100 this month on ehow. I remember back when my goal was to earn at least $50 a month and now it is passed that. Yeepee!

My third article at DS is called How to survive the day without Caffeine?  Please take some time to read my article and let me know in the comments how your writing is going also at Demand Studios. It has taken me awhile to publish this article but hopefully it will motivate me to write more. I decided on the title by getting a public request on Constant Content. I submitted it to them and it got rejected like all my other ones have. I don't have much luck with Constant Content. Any tips on how to get your articles published on Constant Content, then please let me know. Also, learning how to survive without Caffeine is actually a new years resolution for me along with losing weight. To learn more about my new years resolutions, you can follow my All About Tammy Frost blog. My new blog talks about many things about myself. I will include weight numbers and things that mean a lot to me.

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