Monday, January 17, 2011

Redgage is my new Ehow

Hi Everyone, Do you remember when ehow was allowing us to write there? Well I use to login at least ten times a day to check messages, comments and earnings. Now that ehow isn't accepting new writers, it isn't as fun to login and check the forums, messages and comments. 

I am now spending my time at Redgage. Redgage is one of those addicting websites where you can earn money from your views and receive comments and messages. I find myself always logging into Redgage to answer messages and comments on my content that I upload. 

All though I haven't earned that much yet on Redgage, I still find it always bringing me back to login to see how much money I have earned. I still earn money from my published ehow articles. However, I don't receive as many comments and messages like I use to on ehow and they are now all on Redgage. Are you signed up yet at Redgage? If not you can see my profile page and sign up here.

I won the redgage raffle contest and won $25. I received my redgage debit card in the mail and I was completely hooked every since. On top of the $25.00 I earned with the redgage contest, I earned a couple dollars with my content views. I have also written a popular article on How to win the redgage contest?

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